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For those without comedic tastes, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia think they have an article about Modus is the worst.

Modusoperandi (1911- ) is the worst.

Okay guys to anyone who will listen to me, please ignore this guy! Modusoparendi is this really really really annoying kid who doesnt contibute anything to Uncyclopedia!! He sez he's 97, but hes probably like 12 or something. Seriously he doesnt have one good article on his whole user page! If it werent for admin rules he wouldve had his ass banned a long time ago and he also lives in his moms basement. Plus i bet his dad fingers his ass every Thursday and gives him a blowjob because Modus is GAY GAY GAY!!! Hes a FAGGOT and he needs to DIE!!!!!

He has the shittiest fucking user page EVER!!![edit]

Seriously this picture isnt even funny! Get a life modus jesus christ!!

Theres no good jokes in it or anything! its just some shitty pictures and a list of crappy articles he thinks r good! I mean come on, why would anyone want to read that crap! Its not even funny and I think its a disgrace to the other writers on Uncyclopedia!!! I bet he bribed the admins to get those fukken articles featured anyway! Ive seen better writing in the national enquirer and you know theyre full of shit. Its like modus decided to shove a knife thru his stupid ass head and write about the most pointless shit he could before he died! its a fukkin disgrace and it makes me sick! Plus he has cp all over his hard drive and the FBI is gonna come and take him to prison and hell get locked up for life and hell never write another shitty article again. Look at this crap he wrote. Not only is it a junky shit article but it obviously shows that Modus is a racist fuck and he wants all muslims to die! What the fuuck did muslims ever do to u Modus?! He needs to die himself because i hate him soooooo much!!!

Nobody fukken likes this dooshbag![edit]

This is what modus is! He has no fukken hands to type thats why his articles are all so shityy!

He ought to just fuck off right now cuz nobody likes him on Uncyclopedia and nobody likes him in real life. I bet nobody in his whole family likes him except his ugly ass step dad who sucks his tiny .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 inch cock on thursdays! and Modus likes it cuz hes gayer than fukken Hayden Christensen and Anekin Skywalker put together!!!! I bet he'd ass fuck Hayden Christensen and then have a threesome with Lance Bass and Clay Aiken! thats how fucking gay he is!!! Chris Hansen should take this bich off to FBI jail for being too much of a goddam doosh bag! fukken a This guy pisses me off so much hes like that time that an ant crawled in my sandwich and I ate him and he tickled my throat! Fuck that was annoying!but beside the point because Modus should fucking DIE!!!!!!!!

He has mod in his name but hes not even a moderater!![edit]

Seriously wtf is that about! that should be against the rules or something I mean its confusing! Hes obviously trying to confuse innocent people with his fucking shitty name! What the fuk is a modusoperendi anyway?? some kind of bird?! Its like a nigger raped a hyena in africa and gave birth to a hybrid piece of crap summat like and modus came out and he decided eh wanted to use his pathetic crappy crap life to waste our time writing shitty articles! Fukk him and all his god dam trying to be funny because he sucks at it!!!! And hes not even a mod wtf?! This wiki doesnt even have mods, only admins!! He should at least fukken change his name so its not so fuking stupid anymore! fucken six year old or something

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