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“I wish my lawn was emo, then it would cut itself.”

~ Me on My Lawn

“All your base are belong to me!!!.”

~ Me on Your Base

“Oh, Thats not so scary. I've seen Wild Hogs.”

~ Me on How tough I am.


I'm The vader hybrid. Yes, I am. Ozzy Osbourne is my best friend. Yes, he is. So, you better watch your back if you mess with me.

This a pic of dog. Isn't it cool?

Finally, I made my first attempt to make an article Jackass: The Game.

Me, Rocking Out.

Celebrity Deathmatch Episodes I Have Done:[edit]

Coolness To The Max!(Maybe) (Did not do the last fight on this one)

Stephen Colbert Fight Night

Coolness To The Max II (Maybe)

The Return Of Video Game Vengance: Swords Vs. Guns

The Barf Bag

Just Super

Uncyclopedia vs. Hollywood

Coolness To The Max III (Maybe)

Collaboration III: Star Wars, Deathmatch Style

Collaboration IV: Rocky Road

Cool Vs. Lame

Can Van Halen Save The World?

SciFi Fight Night!

Random Fight Night

Best Friends Fight Night

Masters Of Metal

Cool Vs. Lame II

Random Fight Night II

Creature Discomforts

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto

Food, Rock, and n00bs

Capcom Characters Attack!

Food, Rock, and n00bs II

Stephen Colbert Fight Night II

Pop Rocks?

Stephen Colbert Fight Night III: The Season 7 Opener

Comical Strip Relief

The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Part 1

The Super Smash Bros. Brawl Part 2

The Super Smash Bros. Brawl The Finale

For the love of God, nobody Panic!

Comedy Central

Food, Rock, and n00bs III

Video Game Vengeance 20X6

3 Times 3

The One With All The Millonaires

Food, Rock, and (no) n00bs IV

The Beggining Of The Deathmatch (Submitted by User:XxPanzerOutlawxx)

Stephen Colbert Fight Night IV: Caught In The Loser Pit

A Very Special Episode, From Inside The Mind Of (As Portrayed By The vader hybrid)

Creature Discomforts II

Random Rapper's Delight

The Early 40's War Battle (Some submitted by User:XxPanzerOutlawxx)

Just Super II

Food, Rock, and n00bs V

Battle Of The Best Song Writer

Project Vader Hybrid (Submitted by User:XxPanzerOutlawxx)

Project Vader Hybrid II (Submitted by User:XxPanzerOutlawxx)

Food, Rock and n00bs VI

Tommy Vercetti Is Missing Pt.2

Uncyclopedia is the worst

Special Pirates versus Ninjas Episode

The Vader Hybridmonium

The Best Of Uncyclopedia Deathmatch Part 1 (Compilled by me not actually done by me)

The Best Of Uncyclopedia Deathmatch Part 2 (Same as the above althought i did do one fight)