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The Nannerpuss is the name of the 4th incarnation of Ultra Jesus, before David Hasselhoff but after Dubya. He is to be feared, and if you do not listen, he will eat your pancakes.


The Nannerpuss was born when Saddam Hussein had the biggest orgasm evar onto a banana tree. Said tree grew into a bushel, of which the Nannerpuss, the first banana with a kickass moustache to rival Tom Selleck, ran away with a loud cry of "Good-bye, 'tards!" He then got a job at Denny's, becoming their kick-ass new spokesman.

Current Projects[edit]

The Nannerpuss's new project, "I Like Pancakes" has been sold for over 9000 dollars to Paramount Pictures with the intent of making a film trilogy based on the concept. According to a release from Paramount, Vin Deisel has been cast as the Nannerpuss' award-winning character of Nan O'Puss, an Irish baker who must save the world and Heaven from an oncoming invasion of Starchians from the planet Pankaek. O'Puss discovers he has the ability to eat the Starchians. The evil Warlord of Pankaek will be played either by Denis Leary or Dennis Hopper, because no one will give him a job after "Super Mario Bros."

The Nannerpuss has also written a book called "Stacks Of Experiance", slated for a Jan. 1, 2012 release, and has already beaten the Bible as the best-selling book of all time in pre-sales alone.

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