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Episode #121: The League of Extraordinary Idiots (Part IV of I.V.)

(This episode starts with the group fighting the people they were assigned to fight)

Adam: Insult swordfight, evil contents-lover.


(Adam and Indy insult swordfight)

Adam: Screw this.

(Adam picks up two sub-machine guns and shoots Indy.)

Indy: You think you can kill me like that?

Adam: Well, frankly, no. (Pulls the knife out of Indy's death metal bread and lodges it into contents)


(Adam rushes to find Han. Meanwhile, Trousers and Hinoa are fighting Dr. Moneysign)

Moneysign: Give me all your money!!!

Hinoa: Why would we do that!?! My ass I will.

Moneysign: You get a string.

Trousers: STRING!!!

(Hinoa rips open Trousers's head, sucking Moneysign into a black hole of sheer stupidity. Meanwhile, Ronalds is fighting the Grueslayer)

Ronalds: I've defeated you once and I can defeat you again.

Gruslayer: Not this time.

(Grueslayer reveals a sword of flame and a shotgun)

Ronalds: Oh shit... Well, I've got this now!

(Ronalds pulls out a red light Hammer and Sickle)

 TYATU Score: -1 Moves: -100

> Shoot Ronalds

You shoot Ronalds. He charges at you with his lighthammer and lightsickle.

> Shoot Ronalds

Before you shoot Ronalds, Ronalds stabs you with his lightsickle.

*** The End ***


Adam: BE QUIET!!!

(Meanwhile, C might be fighting Darth Communism. Or not)

C: Lets have a COMMIE PARTY!!!

Darth: SURE!!!

(C and Darth have a commie party)

C: I'll bet my ass you can't beat me in a drinking contest.

Darth: It's on!

(C and Darth start a Vodka drinking contest. They both drink the same amount, then faint, being clones. Meanwhle, Benson is fighting Tortilla.)


(Sound waves from Benson's yell destroy Tortilla. Meanwhile, Mhale is fighting Bush.)

Mhale: Drop down and give me 50!

Bush: I don't have to listen to you.

(Mhale punches Bush in the head)


(Bush faints. Meanwhile, Robert is fighting Blaning)

Blaning: You can't kill me.

(Robert puts a sock in a spaceship)

Blaning: SOCK!!!

(Blaning jumps into the spaceship, which is immediately launched on a one-way trip to Mars. Before he lands, Phobos hits the ship and sends it on a course to the asteroid belt. Meanwhile, I am tired of these meanwhiles, and Flandos is fighting Alka'anad.)

Flandos: Thou shalt die, knave.

Alka'anad: Can you give me a break man, I have a broken leg?

Flandos: Verily, I shall!

(Flanso breaks Alka'anad's other leg. Meanwhile, Kim and Braycat are fighting Argon)

Argon: Ha ha! Nothing can stop me!!!

(Braycat shoots an arrow at Argon. It fails to work)

Argon: See!?!

(Kim dumps water on Argon, and Argon drops down to the ground, unconcious.)

Kim: Argon not real time.

(Meanwhile, Aquarii is fighting the Baron)

Baron: Braaaiiiinnnnsssss...

Aquarii: ZOMBIEBOMB!!!

(The Baron's head explodes)


Aquarii: No fair!!! REALTIMEBOMB!!!

(The Baron explodes)

(Switch scenes. Zatoichi is planting more bombs. Currently he is in a hallway.)

Zatoichi: They'll never know that this bomb is in a potted plant!

(Zatoichi also places a bomb into a robe. Switch scenes to the rescue operation. Mr. H is in the room where they are discovering the secrets to him. A bunch of scientists are rescued, but a guard permabans, and depermabans himself, then pours excess amounts of hot liquid onto himself. He turns into a creature three times as big as Mr. H.)

Mr. H: Oh...fuck...

Corsaire: There's no time! Zatoichi's bombs might explode. We must get back to my new ship!

(A plane crashes into Corsaire's ship, the bombs end up being very heavily delayed. Meanwhile, Supwealuhop is fighting Murphy)

Supwealuhop: No more paws. No more virgins. Ever.

Murphy: Ha ha ha ha! And how do you propose you stop that?

(Supwealuhop puts a row of curry powder on a nearby table and trys make it as perfect of a row as possible using his South Vietnamese Express card, then using a large straw, he inhales all the curry powder on the table with his nostril. As a direct result, he turns into the ancient Curry Shaman Mahatma, with powers far beyond that of Supwealuhop.)

Murphy: ...(shocked)

(Emmzed walks in.)

Emmzed: Bad news guys...WE GOT CANCELED!

(Everyone gasps.)

Emmzed: Just kidding! You guys are so gullible!

(Han chases Emmzed off the stage with a Desert Eagle)

Han: GET OFF!!!

(Murphy gets his butt kicked, and Supwealuhop turns back to normal. Meanwhile, Unsoc agents and the vandals are fighting)

Unsoc Agent: Unsoc newspeak.

(Firefight ensues, with many from both sides dying.)

Vandal: There are too many...RETREAT!!!

(Vandals take their last shots at the Unsoc agents, and then retreat. Both sides suffered heavy casualties)

Agent: (Panting with blood) Thinkwise, BB watch you always, brotherhood. (dies)

(Meanwhile the last of the scientists are saved by Corsaire's men, though many died due to the actions of the guards and the giant mutant one. All of the group is outside waiting, but Zatoichi, who is still planting a few bombs, Adam, who is fighting a large burninator robot, and Han, who is fighting Dr. Strangeherr in a battle to the death. Zatoichi meets up with Adam.)

Zatoichi: AAAAAA!

(Zatoichi takes out his sword and runs in an attempt to slay the robot, only to hit a pipe. Adam severs the Robots head, though not before Zatoichi was burned.)

Zatoichi: I can get out on my own. Find Han!

(Adam rushes into the boss quarters searching. Meanwhile in a storage room Han and Dr. Strangeherr duke it out.)

Dr. Strangeherr: Do you still regret it?

Han: What?

Dr. Strangeherr: The death of your son.

Han: I have no son.

Dr. Strangeherr: Oh...shit.

(Han attempts shooting Dr. Strangeherr, but he's too elusive. Hiding.)

Dr. Strangeherr: Well, you may not have a son, but there's him.

(Han looks in a mirror and sees Adam. Dr. Strangeherr tosses a knife. Adam is too slow to react, but Han takes the knife just below the heart)

Han: You're not getting away that easily fiend!

(Han shoots a bullet, but misses and falls to the ground in pain. Dr. Strangeherr escapes to a hallway, and puts on a robe, then escapes into the ice tundra of Sibera, on the opposite side of the base to where the group is.)

Han: (Panting, giving blaster rifle to Adam) It's up to you to make the shot.

Adam: (Taking rifle) I intend to.

(Adam opens up a window and tries to aim the shot.)

Han: Aim carefully. Take your time. You have all the time-

Adam: I know what I'm doing God Damnit!

(Adam shoots the rifle and hits Dr. Strangeherr. Seconds later Zatoichi's bombs explode, destroying all of the work, as well as Dr. Strangeherr.)

Han: (Panting) Good. Let this century be good to you, as the previous one was to me...(dies)


(C wakes up to take every porcelain pony in the area)


(Credits roll. "Brave Scotland" is being played in the background on a bagpipe. The group can be seen standing near a grave in Corellia with flowers on it. The group leaves. A Corellian shaman comes and blesses the grave. A storm brews and a hand is seen lifting out of the grave.)

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