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Episode #127: TYATU Noir: The Case of the Switched Winner[edit]

Director: This episode is told straight from the eyes of Johnny. The following takes place between 8:47 AM and 9:53 PM. All events occur in real time.

(It was a warm summer day when I entered my office. I had a case. Someone switched the winning name in the Diety War. And I was hired to find out who. I grabbed my old modified Walther PPK, the heat I always use, as well as some ammo for it. I exited my office and entered the crime scene. First thing I saw was a hammer lying on the ground underneath the camera. A red hammer. I would have preferred yellow. Ooh, a yellow crayon! Suddenly, a big, tough man entered the scene.)

Thug: Da Boss says I should take you out, so I will. (gets out a pistol)

(A chance to use my heat. I shot a round of shots at the thug, but he laughed at the shots.)

Thug: You spent money on a gun that shoots yellow crayons!?! WHA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHA!

Johnny: What are you, some sort of communist!?!

Thug: Er, uh, uh-oh.

(I reloaded my PPK and shot a couple of shots straight in the thug's eyes. Did I mention that Connery fellow gave me a license to kill? The thug dropped down, injured. A blatant clue was on his jacket: a hammer and sickle symbol. If only I knew what that meant...time to investigate. I entered the main room of the resturaunt, to meet up with a guy. That C fella.)

C: What is it, Johnny?

Johnny: What does this symbol mean? (shows C the communism symbol)

C: It means COMMUNISM!!!

Johnny: No, seriously, what does it mean?


Johnny: Yeah, right. Hey Han, what does this mean? (shows Han the communism symbol)

Han: It means communism.

Johnny: You're pulling my leg. Hinoa, what does this symbol mean?

Hinoa: It means Timmy is trapped in the well again and you have to get tools to help him.

Johnny: Really?

Hinoa: No. It means communism. Are you that thick?

Johnny: No. Adam, what does this mean?

Adam: I see C was trying to convert you to communism. That symbol means communism.

Johnny: I'm going to ask my brother then.

(Johnny goes up to Capercorni and askes)

Capercorni: BUCK? SHOT? HAHA!

(Capercorni shoots the ceiling)

Johnny: Well that was helpful. DEMSEY, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?!

Demsey: Communism.

Johnny: I KNOW WHO DID IT!!! It was members of the Order of the Hammer and Sickle!!!

Adam: There is no "order of the hammer and sickle".

(Back on the case, I see. I had to figure it out quickly. Handwriting tests from everyone. Then, compqared the handwriting to the handwriting on the paper. A direct match with C's handwritin'.)

Johnny: This could only have been done by one person. C, you are the culprit.

C: Darn it! I was going to be paid well for it!

Director: Wow, this episode was short. GET THE MYTHBUSTERS!!!

Episode #127 pt II: Mythhuffers[edit]

(Mythbusters come in)

Adam Savage: Don't try this at home.

Jamie: We are what you call experts. We do this for a living. We will be testing the myth that if someone in a TV series jumps the shark, the TV series will fail.

Adam Uncyclop: Didn't you already test this myth?

Savage: No, we tested jumping the shark in a webcomic. To be exact, a webcomic called Irregular Webcomic.

Uncyclop: Can I have your autographs please? Please please please?

Jamie: You can get both our autographs if you help the Mythterns. And supply a Cement Truck.

Uncyclop: SURE!!!

Savage: So who wants to Jump the Shark?

Guard: I will, because an EXPENDABLE!!!

Jamie: Good. Don't forget you...

(Guard tries to jump the shark, but lands in it's jaws)

Jamie: ...r motorcycle.

(Uncyclop's cement truck drives into the parking lot)

Uncyclop: Right in the parking lot, one cememt truck.

Guard: Someone get a medic!!!

(Priest pulls Guard out and heals him)

Savage: Just use Buster.

(Buster is thrown on to a motorcycle, with a brick on the gas pedal. The motorcycle is nearly there, but...Buster suddenly explodes in an insanely overpowered fireball. Guard ends up killed in the explosion.)

Argon: No, no, I said blow it up when the Mythbusters were holding it!!!

Savage: You know the drill...

(The Mythbusters repair Buster like usual, but...)


Uncyclop: Please tell me there won't suddenly be a blatant rip-off of Irregular Webcomic suddenly right now.

Prick #1: First, what am I still doing here? Second, there is a guy called Death of Insanely Over-

Moonshine: Dude, did you see what Han wrote on the talk-

Director: CUT!!!


Director: Moonshine, how much pot did you smoke this time!?!

Moonshine: I like meese, Jimmy.

Director: I'll take that as a lot. BACK TO THE SHOW!!!

Priest: I'll revive Guard.

Savage: After we get someone to jump the shark, lets fly over the shark, first with the old hovercraft, and second with a plane.

Jamie: Uh, the hovercraft was destroyed when that confederate rocket lit the workshop on fire.

Savage: Okay, I'll just use the plane.

Han: By the way, test the myth that planes can be flown without crashing, please.

Jamie: Should be easy.

(Guard jumps the shark. Ratings go up thanks to the Mythbusters. Jamie flys over the shark with a plane, and then crashes.)

Savage: BUSTED!!! Now for the plane myth! I'll pilot.

Jamie: Sure!

(Adam Savage gets into a small plane, and starts piloting it)

Savage: Now, to pilot it my way! BIG BOOMS!! (throws lit dynamite at controls)

Uncyclop: Oh no, not the "throwing things at the controls" piloting idea again...

(The plane crashes into the ground and burns half of the film crew)

Savage: WOOOO! Jamie, do we have a replay of that shit?

Jamie: Yes, I believe so. Grant, could you roll that for us? ... Grant? You okay there?

(Plane then explodes from the dynamite)'

Grant: I'm okay, but maybe I shouold pilot the plane.

Savage: As long as you blow something up.

(Grant flies a plane, but crashes)

Mythbusters: Get a professional pilot.

(A pilot comes in)

Pilot: Did you say pilot?

Uncyclop: What are you doing here, Henry Bons?

Henry: Getting ready to pilot a plane.

(Credits roll)

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