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Episode 163: The Introduction of Muganez and The Rebel vs. French War[edit]

(Muganez exits from a large building)

Muganez: Hello. I'm Muganez. The newest character in the old show, TYATU.

Han: Hurry it up. We're still under attack!

Muganez: Okay. I'm glad to be here, and can eat more then Benson.


Muganez: (Pulls out whiskey bottle) Must I pour this on you?


(Benson, Muganez, and Han jump into the building, as it is pelted by 12.7mm machine gun rounds)

(Several characters: Keira, Priest, Engelsfair, and Adam are huddled inside, while several grues shoot at the attacking French with bazookas)

Muganez: So what caused Corsaire to attack after all this time?

Han: We don't know. but we do know that the Alliance is restarted.

(Suddenly, Corsaire's clipper crashes through the east wall of the bulding)

Corsaire: By the orders of the French Monarchy, I hereby declare you prisoners of my armada, and this base to belong to France.

Adam: SHUT UP!!!

(Adam kicks Corsaire back onto his clipper, which catches on fire)

Kiera: So what do we do to stop the French attack?

Engelsfair: Allow me. Oh guys.....

(Hundreds of Communists with rifles slide down ropes dropped by 150 Communist helicopters)

(The Grues, Communists, Indians, Muganez, and Priest charge at the French with machine guns)

Engelsfair: Let none of them survive!!! COMMUNISM!!!

Han: Grues, attack!

(The Grues kill the French troops, but are killed by the tanks and clippers)

Han: Darn it! Well, send in the Grue pilots!

Engelsfair: And the Communist pilots in their MiGs, too!

(Thousands of planes fly out of an invisible hangar and attack the French clippers, but explode soon afterwards)

Adam: Who cares? Fire the OMGWTFROFLMAO N00b Bomb!

(A bomb falls and explodes, killing the entire French invasion force, and severely injuring Rene Corsaire)

Corsaire: No.... I will be back, but I'm going to die now.

(Corsaire dies)

Adam: Seeing how often people come back to life here, that death won't really change much.

(The entire French invasion force comes back to life)

Adam: Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

Priest: May God appear right now and smite the entire French fleet.

(Suddenly, a cute chipmunk wearing a white rope appears)

God: Okay. Who summoned me here?

Priest: (Gulps) I did.

(God annihilates Priest with a lazah)



(Benson and Muganez's Betterness combine to kill all the French troops permenantly)

Muganez: That went better then I expected.

Adam: Oh look! Another plane!

(Adam spots a Pb-2 "Lead" bomber behind a bush)

(Everyone crams in, except Corsaire, who dies due to the Communists, Indians, and now Ouroborists attacking him)

Corsaire: This episode was just a trick to kill me, wasn't it?

Keira: Yes. Let's leave his corpse to rot, shall we?

Everyone except Corsaire: Sure.

(The Pb-2 takes off, with Muganez, Han, Engelsfair, Benson, Kiera, Adam, and Priest inside)

Muganez: Once again, I'll fly.

Everyone except Muganez: Sure.

Muganez: Fjordium!

(Several presents appear)

Muganez: Han, this one's for you.

Han: A new Galaxy Bazooka? Just what I needed.

(Han walks to the back and create a Bazooka turret near the tail of the plane)

Muganez: Engelsfair, this one's for you.

Engelsfair: Wow. A remote-controlled Soviet drone plane that runs off of pure communism.

Muganez: Benson, this one's for you.

Benson: WHISKEY!!!

(Benson greedily drinks all the whiskey)

Muganez: Keira, this one's for you.

Keira: Hmmm.... A voodoo doll....

Muganez: Adam, this one's for you.

Adam: A replica of Alka'anad's cloning chamber! I better start using it!

Muganez: For Shandion, a replacement for Garm.

Shandion: I have NO luck with dogs, it seems.

Muganez: Froggy, you get this deadly neurotoxin.

Froggy: Ribbit.

Muganez: Trousers gets this string.


Muganez: And finally, Priest, this one's for you.

Priest: Yay! I got the Pope's uniform!!!

Han: Why did you give us these presents?

Muganez: The best way to congratulate you on our victory.

(Muganez smiles)

Adam: (whispering to Han) I don't trust this guy...

(Credits Roll)

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