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Episode 181: How the H*ll did we Survive!?!?[edit]

(Scene begins with Meganew and Uncyclopedian walking into an empty studio)

Meganew: So... We haven't been replaced by Democratic television?

Uncyclopedian: Apparently not, although the budget has gone in the hole...

(Muganez, Engelsfair, and Han walk into the picture)

Muganez: We caught this commie... Again... You know? Catching and releasing Engelsfair is the only fun thing we do nowadays...

Han: He's right. There's just nothing we can do to make this show fun anymore...


Uncyclopedian: I think Engelsfair has gone insane.

Muganez: He probably went insane AFTER HE DIED SEVERAL EPISODES AGO!!! And to think I'm catching and releasing a character that's supposed to be in hell right now...

Engelsfair: COMMUNISM!!!

(Muganez knocks out Engelsfair)

Meganew: There's just no more action. We've used up every joke we have! The commie parties... Priest not dying... The scroll joke...

Uncyclopedian: Well, at least we have this studio...

RAHB: (Walks in) Get out of here.

Muganez: Why?

RAHB: You don't have the rights to be here.

Muganez: We don't? But we have a written piece of paper that says...

RAHB: Screw that. We at UBS: The Uncyclopedian Broadcast Network, have decided to screw your show.

(Han, Engelsfair, and Muganez slowly slip away)

Uncyclopedian: Well, at least we're not being replaced by democratic propaganda about Obama...

RAHB: No. It's much better then that...

(2 hours later...)

Carly: I'm Carly!!!

Sam: And I'm Sam!!!

Carly and Sam: And this is iCarly!!!

(In the background, Meganew and Uncyclopedian are pissed off at the people who eliminated TYATU)

Meganew: Listen carefully... We have this written piece of paper, that states that we can do TYATU here for at least 1 more year.

RAHB: And our executives believe that TYATU is a waste of money, and therefore must be cut.

Meganew: Who the f*ck are these executives? I want to give them a piece of my mind!!!

(Mordillo, Socky, and Mr. N step forward)

Meganew: Uh... Never mind... (Pulls out scroll) GLYTHM AGYTH!!!

(Mordillo, Socky, and Mr. N are eaten by grues. Meganew reveals scroll, which says: "Yell out Glythm Agyth to have the executives of UBS get eaten by grues.")

Meganew: Since they executives are gone, Uncyclopedian, how about we have ourselves a hostile takeover?

Uncyclopedian: Gladly.

(Uncyclopedian and Meganew become the new executives of UBS)

Meganew and Uncyclopedian: And now, since we're in control, let TYATU Begin!!!

(Credits roll)

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