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Episode 84:The Simpsons...[edit]

(In the bombed desert, there is danger. People are running around frantically trying to pack up the camp)

Han: MOVE MOVE MOVE! Braycat, take down the Tipi! Engelsfair, wash your hands! Emmzed, put away the chairs! Supwealuhop, stop bandaging your face and start packing your curry! <Picks up dropped RPGs>


(Everyone smacks Engelsfair, everything is packed)

Minh: You disgrace communism with your continued obsession with shock pornography!

Adam: EVERYONE IN AN APC! <gets in the driver seat of one, Han drives the other>

Han: Let's drive!

Dizberg: Notice how these APCs last longer than our Planes.

Han and Adam: Initiate Nitrous Oxide...

(Group goes very fast. They find themslelves in the city of Strangetown, "a friendly community" )

Dizberg: Is that a crashed UFO?

Nikita: I think.

Adam: I think I had a Sim in this town in The Sims 2.

Han: Hey, me too!

(General Grunt comes out of his house to punch Pollination Tech#52, The Curious Family expiriments on Nervous Subject)

Adam: Yep.

Han: There is a small Grue Army base in Strangetown. Follow me.

(The group drives to the Base, and gets out there)

Supwealuhop: I'm going to look for some virgins.

(Supwealuhop finds a woman in a red dress)

Supwealuhop: Hi, what is your name?

Woman: Hello, I am Bella Goth.

(Adam gapes, then calls Mortimer Goth, who comes in a private jet)

Han: Holy shit... I was part of Mortimer's research team, and we found NOTHING on her!

Adam: So was I. Sup, she is no virgin. She is married, and has had sex. She is...Bella Goth.

Han: Isn't sex called a "Woo-hoo" here?

Adam: Yes. I needed to explain it in terms Sup could understand.

Mortimer: Bella!

Bella: Mortimer!

(Mortimer gives lots of Simoleons to Sup, Han, and Adam)

Supwealuhop: Great. How am I going to find virgins?!

Shamus: I'll bet me boys at the Irish Mafia can find ye a few virgins quick.

(Shamus calls Flames O'Brien)

Flames: Whatcha want?

Shamus: We need a few Virgins, three to be exact.

Flames: I'm fresh out.

Shamus: Dammit!

(Flames hangs up)

(Mortimer and Bella hug)

(Mortimer and Bella chat)

(Nervous Subject eats, eats, eats, and chats with Aquarii)

Aquarii: GET DOWN!

(Aquarii tackles Nervous Subject, takes out a 9mm pistol and looks around)

Nikita: Erm, there's nobody here...

Aquarii: He said "burglar."

Han: You don't talk simlish, do you?

Nervous: Metowoh shoo magido. Boocala sinsha boofalkrah sooloo camtober. Sanbishlash forgaday bilimandeeokaday!

Han: Myshuno koo bligonat dasah gokee kakakeeyah. Foogoo shnot. Sorbinday calla MUNGOODAY! Fallmagronafoo palmancagribbin shtingah.

Adam: Dupson don sloped. Simoleon slimon shan.

Han: Adam, you said "Fuck you Han.", and "Give me Simoleons."

Adam: Yes. I did. You have been getting too bossy and annoying. Plus, I like money. Engilsmad crson morvos.

Nikita: Actually, we wouldn't even be here without Han and his Dropship. Or his APCs, or his pilot's liscence... and you called him to join us anyway.

Engelsfair: I agree with Adam.

Han: Good. He just said you are insane.

Adam: That I did.

Braycat: Uhh... Myshuno?

Adam: Lets play Myshuno!

Dizberg: Myshuno?

Adam: Myshuno: The greatest party game ever!

Emmzed: Is that the one where we swim in a pool without a ladder?

Adam: No. That is KillSim. So is sitting on a chair right by a lit fireplace and not eating anything.

Dizberg: Huh?

Adam: Buy mode.

(Suddenly, a Myshuno box appears. Meanwhile, back at the White House...)

Bush: He WHAT?

Robert: He took the computer.

Rove: He also deleted tons of data stored on the machine according to our records.

Bush: My God...

Robert: What do we need to do?

Bush: Don't worry about what you need to do. We've got the best man we have on his tail.

(Switch scenes. Dick Cheney is dressed like Dog the Bounty Hunter, following Starnes's tail)

Cheney: I WILL get that quail...

(Cheney shoots a friend of his, scene switch to Strangetown. Everyone is playing Myshuno! Engelsfair answers GOATSE and COMMIE a lot.)

Aquarii: How the hell do you play this game?

Dizberg: You don't.

Han: Actually, you do.

Adam: Ldoson floanser dowmon?

Han: Salbinga shoodoo plackamandadoo croopin sninga ferdin.

Froggy: Lorem ipsum dolor si ribbet.

General Grunt: Poundie stup alieno.

(Credits roll, the names in simlish)

Wcht the nextun epinos...


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