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Episode 86:Leap of faith[edit]

(This episode starts with Sims walking around, doing their normal activities. Murphy appears next to the Virgin family.)

Murphy: Ok then. Your virgin bill is paid. How about that one in the red dress?

Han: Not a virgin.

Adam: She is...Bella Goth.

Murphy: <whispering> Keira, if Supwealuhop tries to pass you off as a virgin, tell me on this holocron. It will show you how to work it.

Keira: Ok. Thank you.

Supwealuhop: Uhhh... Murphy, can we go back to Strangetown?

Murphy: No.

Adam and Han: Don't make us talk in Simlish...

Murphy: Ok, ok, you can go back to Strangetown.

(A gunshot is heard. Starnes comes running out of a cave)

Starnes: It is Cheney! Shooting at me!

Han: Wait for it...

Adam: Wait for it...

Dizberg: NOW!

(Han, Adam, and Diberg shoot Cheney, Keira shoots Starnes)

Engelsfair: WHAT? NO COMMIES!?

(Engelsfair shoots Capitalist Cheney)

Cheney: Oi! I've got a live one 'ere! Did't he escape from gitmo?

(Cheney gets behind a rock and a shootout between him and Engelsfair gets on its way.)'

Murphy: Come on girls, let's evade these idiots.

Adam: They only have a lifespan of a few days!

Murphy: Oh, I know they are Sims. And I know how to turn aging off.

Adam: Yep, the cheat codes.

Murphy: aging off

(Aging for Sims is off)


Han: It's supposed to be no caps.

Adam: aging on

(Aging for Sims is on)

Engelsfair: communism on

(Nothing happens, Mortimer Goth dies of Old Age)

Engelsfair: motherlode.

(Engelsfair gets 50000 Simoleons. He spends it all on a COMMIE BASE!)

Bella: DAMN YOU ADAM! DIE! <chokes Adam>

(Adam didn't save his Aging On, and reloads. He has not said Aging on.)

Engelsfair: motherlode

(Engelsfair gets 50000 Simoleons. He spends it all on a COMMIE BASE!)

Engelsfair: COMMIE!

(Local Grue Army Base and US Army Base attacks the Commie Base, Commie Base is invincible all of a sudden)

General Grunt: The missiles are not even scratching it!

Tank Grunt: Can I shoot Engelsfair, Dad?


(Engelsfair is unaffected, but the base is weakening. Pollination Tech and Johnny aid Ronalds and Engelsfair)

Soldier: (On radio) Launch Code India Charlie Bravo Mike on that commie base! Over.

Radio Operator: Launch code India Charlie Bravo Mike confirmed to execute on commie base, Over.

(Missile smashes into commie base...and doesn't even dent it. The commie base is undamaged by the explosion, and is fully repaired.)

Han: There's only one man that can stop this situation...

(Han calls John F. Kennedy)

Kennedy: I'm dead. Go away.

Martin Luther King Jr.: We shall overcome...

Kennedy: I'm not going to tell you again! Get off my lawn! I will not donate to your church for the fiftieth time! Look, I've got to go. If you really want that base destroyed call Mao.

(Kennedy Hangs up)

(Han calls Mao, who refuses to blow up the base)

Dr. King: I have a dream, that Capitalists and Commies alike can sit down at the table of brotherhood, and that people will not be judged by their alleigance, but how they edit Uncyclopedia.

(The Commies and Capitalists don't stop fighting)

Minh: Thank you, doctor King, but I bet to differ even though I am a commie myself.

(Ho Chi Minh sends in Vietcong into the base to destroy it via secret tunnels, but the invincible base is undamaged)

Han: Grue Army, fall back! We don't need any casualties!

(Grue Army retreats)

(The Commie-Alien Alliance eliminates a lot of Grue Army members)

Tank: Can I shoot the coward, Dad?

Han: Dang it! We have no choice.... release the Capitalist invincible grues with sunglasses!

(Grues fail to eat anything)

Minh: You can kill ten of our men for every one we kill of yours. But even at those odds, you will lose and we will win.

(Minh sends in even more Vietcong to aid Han's grues. All the grues and Vietcong die. Engelsfair gets millions of Simoleons, which he spends to get a huge army)

Dizberg: Ouroboroists, attack!

(Ouroboroists join the fight, to make the Commie-Alien-Ouroboroist Alliance)


(Everyone but Han and Minh joins the Commie/whatever Alliance)

(Everybody stops)

Han: ECTIS BIRADA NIKTO! Too much fighting...

(The battle stops, a white beam of light fills the sky)

Dizberg: Dang... we are back in the house... the battle stopped...

Engelsfair: Actually, this is the top floor of the Commie Base.

Adam: At least lower the flag so we can avoid war...

Engelsfair: Nothing can damage this base. (raises the 500 flags)

Han: Whatever. I'm going back to the house. <leaves>

Engelsfair: That door leads to the porch!

Han: No, I'm going down the stairs. <leaves, again>

Engelsfair: That door leads to the flag at the top!

(Han throws a thermal detonator at the wall, it blows up, and he jumps down)

Engelsfair: You are falling 4000 stories!

(Han attempts to use parachute, but it fails to open. Credits roll)

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