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Episode 91:Belly of the Beast[edit]

(The Episode starts out at the near center of the Commie Star. Aquarii is now wearing a tuxedo and has a knife between his teeth. Two Peace Corps soldiers are backing him up.)

(At the dungeon...)

Han: (Kicks door open) ALRIGHT BOB! HANDS IN THE AIR!

Bob: Okay! (Does so)

Han: That's it?

Bob: Yes! I hate working for this! I always wanted to be a flogger!

Han: Good. (Reverses the wheel of torture's effects)

Benson: I CAN YELL!

(Bob kicks Han)

Han: Just get out of here! I'll hold them off! <makes chains let go>

(The group runs for the nearest Hangar, blasting all Commies in the way, Han throws Bob into the Euroipods chamber, only to be ambushed by Commtroopers, scene to the Commie Star core. The Peace Corps soldiers are holding off the Commtroopers. Aquarii is planting the bomb in the designated bomb zone.)

Aquarii: Bomb has been planted.

Aquarii: BOMB!!

(Pluto explodes)

Aquarii: BOMB BOMB BOMB!!!

(Mercury, Alderann, and Dantooine asplode)


(One of the Tatooine suns asplode, causing a black hole to form.)

Soldier: Sir, we need to get the hell off this thing before that bastard you set explodes!

Peace Corps soldier: Stop. It won't work.

Commtrooper: HALT! <is shot> Ahhhhhhhh! <dies>

(Scene switch to hangar...)

Dizberg: Look! A transport!

(The group boards the LAAT Transport, and leaves for Earth)


(Scene switch to a hallway...)

Han: Too many Commtroopers... all I can hope is that everyone else is safe... <shoots three Commtroopers>

(Back in space. Arvel Chinchilla is talking to the group on the radio)

Arvel: Get out of here! That thing might get shot down!

(Corsaire gets word that the bomb has been planted by Aquarii through Peace Corps radios.)

Corsaire: Privateers, Soldiers! Get on the destroyer! We have little time before this ball blows!

Flandos: Moveth Moveth Moveth!

(The Star Destoryer ships off once all privateers and soldiers are cleared. Aquarii is left behind.)

Aquarii: I must find a way out before this blows...

(5 minutes later...)

(Commie Star asplodes, the Communist forces retreat, and the world changes to it's original state. two unexplained X-wings fly back to earth)

Froggy: NOOOOOOOOOO! Er... ribbit.

Emmzed: Do you think Han and Aquarii got out in time?

Dizberg: How the hell am I supposed to know?

Emmzed: I don't know, Dizberg. I don't know.

(Meanwhile, back on Earth on the plains of Siberia, Darth Communism has crash landed)

Darth: Hmmhahahahaha! I will be back, Han. I will be ba-

(A Soviet MiG crashes into him. He crawls out of the wreckage.)

Darth: As I was saying. I will be back, Han. I...will be ba-

(The Mir space station flies into the atmosphere and falls atop of him)

Darth: Owwwwww... I... will... be... back... Han... I... will... be...

(Sputnik falls on Darth Communist, he passes out, then gets up again and gets smashed and knocked out by a feather)

Blaning: Wow, now that was stupid.

(KGB Agent Walks by the scene)

KGB: Hey, you're not supposed to be here.

(The KGB agent knocks out Blaning and dumps him in the ocean. Meanwhile in space, the group is ready to land onto earth.)

Arvel: Alright, you guys need an escort?

Dizberg: No.


(The two unexplained X-wings fly next to the LAAT Transport)

Aquarii: WE MADE IT!

Han: Hey guys, good to see you are alive!

Everyone else: THEY LIVED!

Froggy: Ribbit! :D

Han: The only problem is that WE ARE BEING FOLLOWED BY A COMMIE ARMY!!! PANIC!!!

Han: No wait. Get into the LAAT transport's turrets, and you can fire at the fighters. Me and Aquarii will try to fight them off.

Dizberg: Okay. Emmzed arm the other turret. We've got to fight them off!

(Dizberg and Emmzed get into the transport's turrets. Han and Aquarii get into their X-Wing fighters. Red sickle fighters and sickle hunters followed by Capitalist destroyers go into the vicinity. Sweat runs down the faces of all in the transport. Dramatic music comes on. Credits roll.)

Watch the next episode that follows the actual plot...


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