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On this page, the in-jokes of TYATU will be explained.

Commie Party Pun[edit]

  • Name: Commie Party Pun
  • Associated with: The commies
  • First appearance:
  • Description: The Commie Party Pun is an often-used bad pun. The commies(Engelsfair and Ronalds) often start little parties unrelated to political parties. Think a tea party, but replace the tea with vodka.

By the order of the French Monarchy I hereby annex this _____ to France!!![edit]

  • Name: Annex to France
  • Associated with: Rene Corsaire
  • First appearance:
  • Description: Rene Corsaire continuously tries to annex places to France, often with odd results.


  • Name: Super-Clipper
  • Associated with: Rene Corsaire
  • First appearance:
  • Description: All of Rene's clippers can fly, go on land, and go on the water. They often crash into the group's current mode of transportation.

Plane Crashes[edit]

  • Name: Unflyable planes
  • Associated with: Every single plane on the show.
  • First appearance:
  • Description: Planes, no matter who pilots them, always crash. Unless Muganez is the pilot, and even then the planes will still explode.

Curry Powder Power[edit]

  • Name: Curry Powder Power
  • Associated with: Supwealuhop
  • First appearance:
  • Description: In TYATU, curry powder can do anything. Anything. Basil, 24 DVDs, and string are also used sometimes.

Flying planes by throwing stuff[edit]

  • Name: Flying planes by throwing stuff
  • Associated with: Most characters
  • First appearance:
  • Description: Many characters try to fly planes by throwing their favorite things at the controls. That never works.

Garm is TYATU's Kenny[edit]

  • Name: Garm is TYATU's Kenny
  • Associated with: Garm and Shandion
  • First appearance:
  • Description: Garm routinely dies and comes back to life, sometimes multiple times per episode. Whenever Garm dies, Shandion yells the line best known from South Park, with Kenny replaced by Garm, "OH MY GOD YOU KILLED GARM!!! YOU BASTARD!!!".

Donuts in BHOPs[edit]

  • Name: Donuts in BHOPs
  • Associated with: BHOPs, Benson, Dizberg, and Adam
  • First appearance:
  • Description: Every single BHOP the group goes to has donuts in it. Benson, being the owner of the BHOP chain, always fires the manager of the BHOP the donuts are found in.

OuroborosDonuts in the strangest places[edit]

  • Name: OuroborosDonuts
  • Associated with: Adam and Dizberg
  • First appearance:
  • Description: Somehow, Adam and Dizberg find an OuroborosDonuts stand anywhere they want. Places found include a barren wasteland, outside an evil base, in a cell, and floating in outer space.

The power of STRING!!![edit]

  • Name: String
  • Associated with: Trousers and Borgat
  • First appearance:
  • Description: Trousers and Borgat obsess over strings, pulling any strings they see, and taking string everywhere, always to the benefit of the group. Somehow, the strings end up saving the group by disarming a bomb or turning into a crowbar or something.


  • Name: BOMB! and assorted random 24 phrases.
  • Associated with: Eno Aquarii
  • First Appearance:
  • Description: After an interrogation by Bob, Eno would use his psychic powers. These psychic powers are often accompanied by yelling random phrases from 24. The most common is "BOMB!" or some variant, which causes something on screen to explode. Others include tying people up, shooting randomly, then saying "TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS!" or "WHO IS THE MAN FROM VESELIA?!"

A Carebear and a Book[edit]

  • Name: Carebears and Books
  • Associated with: Hinoa Cox
  • First appearance:
  • Description: When Cox thinks people are wussies, he refers them to a care bear and a childrens book. He also resorts to calling people the names of girls.

Repeated phrases and words[edit]

  • Name: Repeated phrases and words
  • Associated with: Engelsfair, Indy, Moonshine, Borgat, and Trousers
  • First appearance:
  • Description: Engelsfair, Indy, Moonshine, Borgat, and Trousers often repeat the same word or phrase over and over again. Engelsfair says "COMMUNISM!!!", Indy says "CONTENTS!!!", Moonshine says "with SAVINGS!!!", and Borgat and Trousers both say "STRING!!!"

The Monkey's Paw[edit]

  • Name: The Monkey's Paw
  • Associated With: Murphy
  • First appearance:
  • Description: Murphy often leaves monkey paws for people to pick up and make wishes with. These wishes always come with some price, and often make influential plot devices.

The Strange Man[edit]

  • Name: G-Man
  • Associated With: Trousers
  • First Appearence:
  • Description: Every time Trousers is given a brain, he is forced to be employed by a strange man in gray. Often these tasks are rather menial or repetitive, often acompanied by train rides.

The Lost Porn of Robert Gates[edit]

  • Name: Gates' Porn
  • Associated with: Robert Gates and Starnes
  • First Appearance:
  • Description: When Starnes robbed the Pentagon, he stole all of Robert's porn. Now, Robert has been hunting down Starnes and commenting on the lost porn. He has also been obsessing over all the porn he can get his hands on, and has been making porn. He even took the security video of Aquarii and Keira having sex.

The Worst Ever Hospital[edit]

  • Name: The Worst Ever Hospital
  • Associated with: The Worst Ever Hospital
  • First appearance:
  • Description: When Keira was pregnant, she and Aquarii went to a hospital called Worst Ever Hospital. It lived up to its name. It had a money-obsessed doctor, a few dimwits, and bad service. It is where Dr. Moneysign, Hinoa, and Trousers appeared. Ever since that, it has sometimes appeared as a normal location with bad service.

South Vietnamese Express[edit]

  • Name: South Vietnamese and American Express
  • Associated with: Ngo Dinh Diem and Shek
  • First Appearence:
  • Description: Diem and Shek hate communists. Often they make credit cards out of them. The South Vietnamese Express(and in season one American Express) cards can often be seen in the hands of the group.


  • Name: Blindness
  • Associated with: Zatoichi
  • First Appearance:
  • Description: Zatoichi often confuses rooms, usually the bathroom, for a totally different room, or tries to use the bathroom in a non-bathroom room. Blame his blindness.

Goo goo idiot[edit]

  • Name: Goo goo idiot
  • Associated with: Kim and Bush
  • First Appearance:
  • Description: Kim will often call Bush an idiot by saying "Goo goo idiot" or something along the lines of that.

Broken Limbs[edit]

  • Name: Broken Limbs
  • Associated with: Alka'anad
  • First Appearance:
  • Description: Alka'anad consistently has his limbs broken throughout the series, either from his own stupidity or some random event which doesn't even fit with the plot line.

Ooh look, a plane![edit]

  • Name: Planes in odd places
  • Associated with: Everyone, especially Adam
  • First Appearance:
  • Description: In TYATU, planes can be found anywhere, just by saying "Ooh look, a plane!" usually. They are usually found by Adam, at such an extent that the group starts to think about not going on planes.

Oh, what the heck...[edit]

  • Name: "What the Heck" Scroll.
  • Associated with: Muganez
  • First Appearance: Episode 162
  • Description: When Muganez gets tired of horrible plots, screwed-up items, or serious malfunctions, he will say something random, and what is wrong will get fixed. If anyone asks him what happens, he takes a scroll out of his pocket that says: (Say <whatever he said> to <whatever happened>).

Aren't you supposed to be dead?[edit]

  • Name: Priest Lives
  • Associated with: Priest
  • First Appearance:
  • Description: Priest will appear in the group after he dies. He will quickly be asked about how he isn't dead by another character, sometimes causing Priest to die again, and other times just causing a very stupid explanation.

Goa Tse![edit]

  • Name: Teh Memes
  • Associated with: Joseph Kartono
  • First Appearance: Episode 180
  • Description: Kartono would say "Goa Tse" millions of times in the 1980s, along with other memes from the 2000s, such as "THIS IS SPARTA!"


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