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Here is a comprehensive list of all the characters that appear throughout the series.

Major Characters[edit]

Name Description First Appearance Dead or Alive?
Benson DuBois A housekeeper of Shamus's House. He likes to yell. Episode #54 DEAD (in Episode 180- we killed off the character)
Shamus O'Perandi A convicted felon and a member of the Irish Mafia. He is an expert in improvised weaponry. Episode #54 Aye.
Timothy Engelsfair A communist door-to-door advertiser skilled in the use of dressings, safes, Goatses, and close combat using a hammer and sickle. Local shock image. Episode #54 Dead, But occasionally appears in Hell.
Darth Communist Timothy's transformation after a wish by the monkey's paw. Episode #88 Dead, But occasionally appears in Hell.
Adam Uncyclop Ally of Von Dizberg's, Ouroboroist, Canadian, member of the Army. Fluent speaker of simlish. Orange belt in Hapkido, a Korean martial art. Aspie. Episode #54 Most definitely ALIVE!
Albert Von Dizberg Rich pipe-smoking Ouroboroist from Germany. Episode #54 Er geht. (He lives)
Dr. Supwealuhop An Indian doctor who is especially skilled in the ancient Hindu secrets of curry powder magic. Episode #56 Vishnu confirms it.
John Emmzed A Canadian Lumberjack who is okay. He chops all night and sleeps all day. Episode #55 He's a lumberjack and he's okay.
René Corsaire A French Privateer skilled with the use of a cutlass. He sails on a clipper ship, and oversees a trade route for French Indochina. Episode #54 Oui
Gen. Han Soson The General of an Army of Grues. He has many members and often supplies the group with weapons. Also is fluent in simlish. Episode #54 Clone exploded. Original still alive.
Nikita Starveshchev An executive for Uncyclopedia Britannica, Inc. He is very rich and has a large influence over the Russian Mafia. Boris is his bodyguard. Episode #54 Alive.
James Priest A God-obsessed Roman-Catholic priest who oversees the funeral of Jules, and helps the group out with God. Episode #54 Alive and Dead
Officer Ronalds Corrupt officer, communist, hunted the Grueslayer, now member of the team, making Engelsfair happy. Episode #62 Dead, But occasionally appears in Hell.
Zatoichi A blind swordsman from the far east who has a grudge against Corsaire. Episode #54 Alive
Eno Aquarii Trained and qualified Jack Bauer follower. Has the ability to use telekinesis, though only within a 4.7 meter radius, although he never uses it when it would be useful or practical. Episode #66 TELL ME WHERE THE BOMB IS!
Lord Flandos A French lord transported to the present via a time warp. He oversees Corsaire's operations. He has recently been turned Scottish by the machinations of a supposed villain called Alka'anad, whom he has sworn to pursue for his meddling in time. Episode #73 Alive
Braycat A Shoshone Chief, married to Keira. He is an expert in archery. Episode #58 Alive
Keira The wife of Braycat. Descendant of Sacagawea Episode #58 Alive.
Thomas Starnes A well-known burglar. Episode #75 Should be alive.
Alka'anad Enemy of Lord Flandos. He is a megalomaniac, manufacturing the hell out of heres in a secret base high in the Yukon. Episode #73 Alive, but with lots of broken limbs
Robert Charles Murphy Enemy of Dr. Supwealuhop. He uses basil magic to raise to control people, dead or alive, for his crazy schemes. Episode #73 alvie nad rundk. (Alive and drunk.)
SWAT Officer L. Captain of the local SWAT force. Episode #75
Ngo Dinh Diem The communist hating president of the former South Vietnam. He vows to make credit cards out of Engelsfair after his communist Goatse spree. Freind of Sensei Episode #79
Ho Chi Minh The communist leader of Vietnam. He is the sworn enemy of Ngo Dinh Diem. Episode #83
PONG-## A Protocol droid who always asplodes/breaks down/dies, and always has to be remade from whatever is left of him. Episode #100 More PONGs to come
Miss n00b (Cerid Marie) A n00b in the n00bforce. Not a n00b as of episode 106. Episode #59
Hinoa Cox A smart-mouthed doctor who is brother to Dr. Perry Cox. He is the only man Ronalds fears. Episode #104
Kim Bauer Aquarii Son of Aquarii and Keira. Has Asperger Syndrome. Very smart, knows how to use blaster pistols. Episode #105
Argon File Capitalist guy who likes to burn stuff. Repaired ED. Episode #97
Doctor Trousers An incompetent colleague of Hinoa Cox. He got his license from the back of a Lucky Charms box. After high voltage electroshock due to his stupidity, he was granted the intelligence of a theoretical physicist with a phD in asskicking. Episode #108
Father Capercorni The mad protestant priest of Ravenholm. He has tendencies to be psychopathic. Episode #113 Killed by Alka'anad.
Sean Connery The name ish Connery, Sean Connery. Yesh. He'sh shtill alive.
Kato Grey Brother of Dorian Grey. Video game addict. Loves Halo.
Dr. Rudolph/Mr. H A man who was permanantly scarred from the infiniban he suffered a time ago. Afterwards he gained a second personalty he tries to keep locked away. However, this creature, Mr. H can and will come out whenever he is exposed to hot water. A former colleague of the following doctor.
Dr. Strangeherr The mad doctor whose quest it is to find the perfect brain. To date, he has only been shown on screen twice, but you could only see his shadow.
Mina Stranger A vampiric chemist bitten by Mackenzula Von Pants.
Ed Kaine A chronicler who is rather average in every sense of the word.
Random Guard The most compentent underling.
The Klotski Kallir Killer, likes putting its victims in escapable but dangerous traps. Episode #131 Alive?
Annie Soson Han's violent daughter.
Muganez An amazing human being with a black hole for a stomach. He can eat more pancakes then BENSON. Episode #162 Alive.
Agent MacFinn Very fishy individual (no pun intended) Episode #164 Vanished out of existance.
Derek Scott Crazy fanboy. Dead.
Teh Writars Uncyclopedian and Meganew themselves. They argue with each other and completely mess up the show. Vainly. Both are alive.

Meta Characters[edit]

Characters who have changed identities throughout the series.

Original Character Meta Character Change Episode with change
Blaning Serian Doppleganger The ability to morph into people.
Timothy Engelsfair Darth Communist Force powers, new gadgets and look Not mentioned, but implied
Miss N00b Cerid Marie Gained skills. Episode 105
Derek Scott Gounsyndrome Became a rich, powerful, and evil supervillain.

Minor Characters[edit]

Name Description First Appearance Dead or Alive?
Moonshine A hippie who insists that mooses should be on the endangered species list with SAVINGS! He is a drug addict, and often passes out with SAVINGS! Episode #54
Jules Nintendorulez A video game addict and a friend of Benson DuBois. He was killed by Codeinov after an attempt to extract information for Nikita. Episode #54 Dead
Boris Codeinov Nikita Starveshchev's bodyguard. He was a member of the Russian Mafia until his death by Corsaire's sword. Episode #54 Dead
Lauren Waterstill The landlord. Episode #54
The Baron A former leader of the Umbrella corporation. He was burned at Jules's funeral after attempting to eat him, due to his condition of being undead. Episode #54 Dead again
Brad A. Pacer An officer for the FBI who was after Albert Von Dizberg for his connections to the mafia. He posed as a tourist. Episode #61
Sensei The traveling companion of Zatoichi. She is quick and prefers not to use the sword. Episode #54
Shandion Garm A celebrity who owns a dog called Garm. Episode #55
Indy Hymn An expert in death metal bread and an advocate for Contents, enemy of Adam Uncyclop. Episode #54
Froggy One of the two leading members in Han's army, and a killer poison dart frog. He guards things for Han, sometimes at odds with Adam Uncyclop. Episode #57
Dunecat Indian owner of a spice stand. Episode #61
The Grueslayer A slayer of grues and an enemy of Officer Ronalds. He was killed by Emmzed. Episode #62
Blaning Serian A schizophrenic serial killer with a lot of alter-egos. Armed and dangerous. Episode #70
Robert Gates The Secretary of Defense for the United States. Episode #70
George W. Bush The president of the United States. He is the Decider. Episode #71 Dead.
John Metro Vandal under many aliases. Episode #78
Anonymous Random vandal with no name. Episode #78
Captain Powershot Moronic leader of the Vandals. Episode #78 Killed by Han.
Sargeant Mhale A drill sergeant from the United States Peace Corps. He likes to yell. Episode #79
Corperal Shek Diem's personal gopher boy often responsible for executing Diem's commands for him. Episode #79
Chronos Greek god of Uncyclopedia. Episode #83
Flames O'Brien A member of the Irish Mafia, and a friend of Shamus. Episode #84
Slipherius von Jamssen A random German Military guy. Friend of Dizberg. Episode #86
Llegobi Wan Kellegobi Random Jedi Master that comes into conversations at the worst possible times. Episode #88
Arvel Chinchilla A pilot against commies. Episode #89
Doppelganger Reincarnated version of Blaning, shapeshifts to look like people
Gertings Mann A creepy broke Jamaican with a cold. He is Moonshine's dealer.
Tortilla Hundurd An Illegal Mexican from Outer Space. Likes tortillas. Arch-enemy of Benson. Episode #111
Garm Shandion's dog. Often killed. The Kenny of TYATU. Aliveish
Borgat A member of the Borg who was kicked out for being just as dense as Trousers. The key differences between the two are the accent and the cybernetically enhanced body. Episode #109
James T. Contestant Captain of a Starship in the comma brigade. He speaks like he forgets his lines. Episode #109
Manfred Scotchy The engineer of the starship. He doesn't like scotch. Episode #109
Dorian Grey An immortal, and a pastry chef straight from Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray with some editing of course.
Jack Thompson Scarred leader of an attack against the crew.
Mr. Enigma An underling who tries to bring the group into a situation.
Jed Ravent A friend of Ed Kaine.
Demsey First name never mentioned. World class chef and host of VFD's kitchen. Episode #123
Johnny Capercorni's little brother, whom Capercorni must watch under Nikita's supervision.
Olde Lucas Authentic Medievalist. Only customer in final round of VFD's kitchen. Episodes #125
Henry Bons Pilot.
God The Lord. Really a chipmunk named Chippy. Alive.
Molly Tov Nye Mad bomber. MALE. Alive.
Billy Tundra The teacher at the high school in "The UnIncredibles". He makes occasional appearances. HE IS STILL ALIVE, AND HATES MUGANEZ AND CERID!!!
Bio Alka'anad He is the gooey main villain of "Bio Alka'anad".
Joseph Kartono A mysterious cop who gets hit by a car and was sent back to the 1980s. Episode 180 Alive. Of course, he was in a coma for two years.

Walk-in Roles[edit]

  • Boris's Men
  • Officers
  • Hawaiians
  • Corsaire's men
  • Hospital Guards
  • Civilians
  • Communist Soviet Plane Pilots
  • Pirates
  • Thugs
  • Evil Guards
  • BHOP manager
  • Pentagon workers
  • Pentagon guards
  • More police
  • Vandal Soldiers
  • South Vietnamese soldiers
  • American soldiers
  • A moose
  • WordGirl
  • EDians
  • Multiple Sims
  • Vietcong
  • Lots of CommTroopers
  • CommTrooper Elites
  • Hospital Doctor, PhD, MD, Au.D., J.C.D., Ph.D., P.Th.D., EdD, DProf, EngD, DTech, DNursSci, DBA, DPA, DGov, D.D., M.D., DDS, DSc, DLitt, DA, DMA, DFA, DCL, DCL, LL.D., MChem, MPharm, MPhys, LHD, ThD, S.T.D., SSD, PharmD, DrPH, DPM, DPT, DPhil, DOM, OMD, PsyD, DSocSci, DSW, ND, D.C., DO, OD, DVM, V.M.D, J.D. and D.H.Sc.
  • More EDians
  • Even more EDians
  • Fake Canadians, really EDiots
  • The three men who destroyed the South African bar.
  • Strageherr's Soldiers
  • SWAT team
  • Waitress
  • Social Worker
  • Communists
  • Capitalists