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Stuff by other people that UU rates[edit]

If you don't find these funny, you are wrong.

The Bourne Pottery Class

Rough Pubs

A bunch of aristocrats fucking. Awesome vid

Dragon Warrior

G Rated Talking Animal Movie
by Cajek.jpg

UnBooks:Tarquin Middleton: My Battle with Depression.

UnMovie Review: Watchmen (with special guests, the Watchmen)
by Modusoperandi-southpark.jpg

by Spthink.jpg

Stuff by UU that other people rate[edit]

If you don't find these funny, go read something else.

Down With This Sort Of Thing! (rw)
Featured 24 Sept '07

Shopping List (rw)
Featured 11 Oct '07

HowTo:Fuck Off
Featured 14 Nov '07

Hyperdrinking (rw)
Featured 21 Mar '08

UnScripts:Average Cop
Featured 4 Apr '08
#1 Article of April 08!
Top 10 Article of 2008!

Royal Pointless Military Things Tournament (rw)
(with Codeine, in a way)
Featured 25 Apr '08

Bubble Wrap
Featured 4 Jun '08

Spontaneous Combustion (rw)
Featured 21 Jul '08

UnMysteries:A Tissue Of Lies
Featured 28 Jul '08

Test Match Special
Featured 16 Aug '09

Fish Puns
Featured 24 Oct '08
(With MrN)
=#3 Article of October 08!

Why?:Do I Like Tango and Cash?
Featured 25 Nov '08

The Millennium (rw)
Featured 22 Dec '08

Jesus Christ, who brought that guitar?
Featured 19 Jan '09
(By Prettiestpretty really, UU just helped a little)

Gazelle (rw)
Featured 15 May '09
#3 Article of May 09!

Waterloo Baron.jpg
Featured image

HowTo:Be A Supervillain (rw)
Featured 18 Sept '08
PLS Summer '08 1st runner up!
#3 Article of September 08!
Top 10 of 2008 honourable mention!

Röak Band - Teutonic Invasion
Feätured 3Ö Sept 'Ö9
(mit Mördillö)
=#3 Ärticle öf September Ö9!
Top 1Ö Ärticle öf 2ÖÖ9!

Why?:Wear clothes 3 sizes too small
Featured 6 Oct '09
(Sort of collab with AE. Kind of)

Ich Bin Ein Celebrity Juden, Get Me Out Of Here!
Featured 7 Jan '10
Turkey Day Ball Best Bad Taste Article 2009!

José Mourinho (rw)
Featured 24 Jan '10

Death of the author
Featured 10 Mar '10

The Radio Star Murder
Featured 4 Apr '10

Lobster (rw)
Featured 9 May '10
(with Cajek and Gerry)

Other stuff by UU[edit]

If you don't find these funny, why not try to improve them?

Leeds (rw)

Simon and Garfunkel (rw)

Scraggle (rw)

The Jam (rw)

PE Teacher (rw)

Load (rw)

Mark Robinson
(with Ptok)

James Brown (rw)

UnPoetia:Ode To Mrs Amanda McKitterick Ros

UnNews:Brown To Britain: If You Don't Eat Your Greens, You Get No Dessert

UnNews:Carter Ruck prepares to sue whole of Twitter

UnNews:Hunter S Thompson admits drug use

UnNews:UK Schools to teach domestic violence

UnNews:Christians And Atheists Call In Independent Adjudicators‎

UnNews:UK Government gives itself power to ban the internet for thinking bad thoughts. Uncyclopedia likely to be high on hitlist‎

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User:Under user/Old Cajek Country Not a real article, but he likes it!

Stuff about UU[edit]

UU persists in writing his page in the third person, for no fathomable reason.

He's also an admin. This fact should probably worry someone.

He will always regret his hasty choice of username, but what the hell.

He's also managed to get a few of his articles featured, although he's not entirely sure how - but it didn't include much whoring, and he's kinda proud of that.

UU's quote of the day: "Yeah thats right i beat u with my fucking scimitar. ooooooooowned!!!!! now im going to get my lvl 99999999 magic and kick ur ass." - From Runscape

Oh look, it's Uncle UU's really bad lyric of the moment box!

Stripes on a tiger don't wash away.
Manowar's made of steel, not clay! - Manowar

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