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I am the uncoincidentally and undetermined UNCLE REMUS! Praise the Lord.

“I wonder why on windy days, the water in the toilet goes back in forth”

~ Me when extremely bored

“Have a tree, send to me. Horn is done, yet be me.”

~ Me when poetic

I am like a book, you get bored of me after 15 minutes.

My view of the world
Guess what I do everyday....I read magazines.

Uncyclopedian of the Month Award Uncyclopedian of the Month (at least I hope to be)

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Almond ub.jpg This user does not smell of almonds
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1,000 This user is 1,000 years old. Woop-ti-doo.

This user is a boy and is made of slugs, snails and puppy dog tails.

Meat This user is mostly or entirely made of meat

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This user is left-handed.
In Latin they would be sinister.
(List of left-handed Uncyclopedians)

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This user is in a Rock Band, because they do not believe in getting a real job.


This user (probably) huffs kittens.
OrangeOrange.jpg This user likes to eat anything orange.
Nuke explosion.gif This user thinks the world was going to end in the year 2000. It didn't, by the way.

Hell.jpg This user has been though Hell and doesn't like it.

Pills-mixed-2-AJHD.jpg This user wants candy

Seinthink.jpg This user thought about running for the 2008 presidential election

Exploding-head.gif This user will have a headache now and then.

E83a951f40e9379807a8d90a39dc029d.gif This user thinks Florida should become an Island.

Bigs.gif This user believes in minorities

Um 150800 151 013.jpg This user takes a shit just like everyone else.

ABYSS x?,??? This user IS The Abyss.

Hummingruby.jpg This User knows the truth about hummingbirds and will not rest until the lies have been dispelled.

UK-Army-OF9.gif This user has been trained by a High General

Tina8.jpg This user is really a famous movie star trapped on a deserted island with a bunch of idiots.

Sophia-Loren.jpg This user is related to Sophia Loren.

"I am the pink"

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