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 The Secret Of The Secret   Score: 0  Level: Entrance
Secret of the Secret Test.png

It's a shame you died and stuff. Now, can we get on with this?

> Fine, jerk.

Shut up and let's try this again... Ahem.

Welcome to the Secret Room, because I simply enjoy announcing it to the whole world over and over again!

> Look

You appear to be in some sort of laboratory. All sorts of wacky science stuff in here. No telling what it does. There is a desk to your left, with a bunch of papers and stuff on it. To your right, there is a shelf with several rows of brains in jars, most of them hooked up to a computer on the desk. Which I forgot to mention.

> I don't see any wires.

WiFi. Stop interupting me. Oh, and there is a door in front of you. The room isn't that well lit, but I doubt there's anything living in here besides those brains. Although you can't tell whether they are alive or not. My bad. Also, the door is locked. Maybe.

> Inventory

You have: a black pill, and clothes. Hopefully.

... Oh, and I noticed that the glow-in-the-dark clock now says :59. I could have sworn it said 1:00 just a second ago. Better hurry.