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Grak, people!

(Grak is the generic sehlat sound. Like woof, meow or dude it means whatever inflection and context make it mean.)

A young Spock giving his pet sehlat I-Chaya oo-mox before I-Chaya keels over from an overdose of le-matya venom (Grodean sehlats are such softies I end up crying).
What I would look like if I was not anthropomorphic. More of the artist's art. (Tell her Verp sent you.)

So just what is a Verp Tlethl? I am a male anthropomorphic sehlat from the planet Grodea. Grodean sehlats differ from Vulcan sehlats the way humans differ from Vulcans. Though not anthropomorphic, Grodean sehlats are as intelligent as humans, not that that is saying much really. I am the only anthropomorphic Grodean sehlat (long story!). I stand upright and have hands and feet with big retractable claws. I'm the size of a grizzly. I have the personality of a Labrador retriever with an IQ of 190, so you don’t have to avoid me for your personal safety.

I like people so don’t avoid me. I like making friends. Humans are cute! You do have that monkey twitchiness that says “Food! Go get it boy!” but that I safely ignore. I get the same mental signals when a rodent runs through my house, but I act on those!

The United Federation of Planets has sent me here from the future to keep an eye on this part of the past. Normally I couldn't tell you this without screwing up the time stream but for the fact no one takes this web site seriously information wise so no one will really act on what I say.

I have been using a mix of unusual natural abilities (I am part Founder (another long story!) so I can do the melty thing and become just about anything. Cool, huh!) and advanced technology to impersonate a human. Naturally not being human myself, my human persona suffers from an extreme case of eccentricity!

Earl Grey tea causes me some issues. It smells like a female sehlat in season. I’m not dangerous around it, just very frustrated.

There is a rumor I have fallen in with kitsune and my sehlat curiosity got the better of me so I ended up one myself. I would be tempted to try such a thing and ending up kitsune would be a vindication of sehlat curiosity as we are natural explorers. Becoming a radically different life form to try out a whole new way of being and forming a bond between both species for the betterment of both would be a noble act but if I did such a thing, it would be none of your business; so there! ;p.


Verp Tlethl, “time cop”

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Sehlats are suckers for cute:

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