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Hey. My nickname is AWCB. I kick ass! I've done some shit, both stupid and... um... not stupid... I think...

This is me in 20 years.
My awesome Air Guitar skills!!!
Ladies, I need a date. Will you answer this for me?

Shit I'm Working On[edit]


My contributions to this glorious shit-hole website[edit]

Why?:Eat a Peach

Sailor Jupiter

Boston (band)

Sailor Mars

Sailor Venus

Roughly 50% of the AWCB-Hurricane War

Shit I Finished[edit]

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Mars

Boston (band)

Sailor Venus

Hot Women I've Done It With[edit]

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Mars

Sailor Venus

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon

Your fictional girlfriend.

Your real girlfriend.

May from Pokèmon.

Nodoka from Negima.

Asuna from Negima.

... I lost track... somewhere in the 80's.

My War(s)[edit]

I was in a war between Hurricane AJ and myself. I won it. I kicked his ass. Now, both of us are friends.

My Allies/ Buds[edit]

Van Halen (including the current members and past members)

Stephen Colbert

Brett Favre

Red Forman

Sailor Jupiter

Possibly Chuck Norris

Bruce Springsteen

Boston (band)

and... Eric Clapton a.k.a. God.

My Address[edit]

Somewhere in America Mexico Here There America!

My REAL address[edit]

Why do you wanna know? Asshole!

My Secret[edit]

Shh... it's a secret... Don't tell anyone...

Random Crap[edit]

If you see me running, follow. If you saw me running, you're too late. Van Halen is one of the greatest band EVER!

Oh yeah. Look at her ass. That's nice... hey! You jackin' off to this?!
Sopping. And double advertising.

My Secret Again[edit]

Shh... go down...

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No, not this... keep going...

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Hell yeah!!!

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Fuckin' obvious!

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Can't you tell?

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I can't help it if I like the ladies. Neither can my troublemaker.
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AWCB has helped end the AWCB-Hurricane War, because he met My dad. He is a true hero to us all as a world.
Remember, children; you is what you is! There is no evolution, just a list of creatures I allow to live! ;)

HI! I gotta listen to Van Halen daily, otherwise I get very sick.