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Viper Snake has 2 different forms, depending if he is in RL or not.

Viper Snake mocking Tom Cruise.

Human Form[edit]

In RL, Viper Snake takes upon a human form and is an insane hit or miss individual. Viper Snake has an evil laugh and always has a twisted smile on his face, even when in terrible pain on the shitter. Viper Snake once went so crazy he killed off an entire cilization (See: Mayans).

Snake Form[edit]

When not in RL, Viper Snake appears as a little yelllow snake. Viper Snake has pretty much all t3h powerz he needs in this form, but mainly shreds things to bits with his sharp teeths! Nobody knows why Viper Snake seems to murderize everything, but this just might be because he is a Steve Balmer fan. Suppro, a high ranking professional scientist, speculates that he may behave like this for epic lulz.

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