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Yeah... So anyway, this is mah usarpaeg.

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If I post in Tropeinese... blame TV Tropes. Don't worry, I usually use the Page Previewinator so I don't have to ninja. Unless I'm deliberately trying to be stupid and not just funny, which so far has only occured on this page. I'm not trying to get benned, and besides, THIS IS MAH USARPAGE!!!1!

I play Roblox a lot, and I'm very good at scripting in Lua. I've got two popular places: [[Codelyoko Roblox Lyoko]] and [[LittleBigPlanet LittleBigRoblox]]. Okay, who huffed [[LittleBigPlanet}} again?!?!?1/1/!

Screw This Index I Have Tropes... wait there I go again.

Oh and imma copypasta mah link frum TV Troeps ta Uncyclopliedia kthxbai. [(linky)]

[++HA! Like I'd give you my TV Tropes username! [[{{Ptitleasdf1337PiNG45}} Nice Job Breaking It,]] [[GratuitousJapanese atarashii-jin.]]++]

BlueShifting links across the {{Uncyclopedia}}-[[TheVerse verse]] in Three. Two. One. *bzzzt*

Two Seconds Later Edit: Holy shit I just made myself sound like a /b/tard. Don't worry, this is just a I'm-so-tired-and-my-brain-hurts-because-Sensei-piled-homework-on-us-this-week-so-I-don't-have-any-spare-brain-cycles-for-this-kind-of-crap edition of my userpage. When I'm not experiencing brainhurt, I might try and de-crap this page.

But if any Unknown Tro... er, Uncyclopedia Sockpuppets vandal this... Better hope you're on good grounds with the admins.

End of line. --WackoMcGoose 00:16, September 30, 2009 (UTC)



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