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WesternLotus is a notable figure in Irish history and is known for, amongst others;

  • Bringing flares back into fashion in the early 90's
  • Founding the Scouting Movement
  • Getting a free lunch
  • Implementing the Irish light rail network, both the Luas and Metro
  • A brief stint as a fluffer on the set of "In Diana Jones"
  • Curing Cancer (proposed completion date - circa. 2023)
  • Catching 'em all
  • Writing none of his own artices
  • The ability to recite Pi to two decimal places!!
  • Building the Yeats wing of the Irish National Art Gallery
  • Lying compulsively
  • Finding a way to be awarded Her Majesty's Royal Flying Rat's Ass (See top of page)
  • Stalking <insert name here>
  • Ghostwriting Oscar Wilde's autobiography "Wilde at heart"
  • Being a jack-of-all-trades, yet master of none


Major Edits;

  1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Things to do[edit]

  1. Product Placement
  2. Roger Ramjet
  3. Bertie
  4. GAA
  5. The Chemical Brothers
  6. HowTo:Start a Fire
  7. UnBooks:Th Cs f Th Mssng Vwls

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