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Magic Kingdom
The Most Magical Place on Earth
Disney World
WDW-logo.png Disney Coat of Arms.jpg
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: 'Ours is better!'
Anthem: it's a small world
Capital Cinderella Castle
Largest city Main Street
Official language(s) Engrish
Government Monarchy
Queen Cinderella the Great
‑ Manager of Squeaky, Underadvertised Mickey Mouse
‑ Manager of Sanitation Push the Talking Trash Can
National Hero(es) The Incredibles
 of Independence
Magic Kingdom joined the Mickey Mouse League in 1971 with the Treaty of Orlando.
Currency Disney Dollars
Religion Corporate Nazism
Major exports Mickey Mouse Hats
Major imports Money, Lost Children
Hours of
1 A.M.
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The Magic Kingdom is the centerpiece of the Mickey Mouse League. Like Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom is divided up into several distinct regions, and was in fact based on a "new and improved" version of Disneyland. In 1971, the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland formed the Mickey Mouse League, and the Mickey Mouse League is headquartered within the Cinderella Castle. Later, EuroDisney, Tokyo, and Hong Kong also joined the union.

The Castle[edit]

The Cinderella Castle is the center of power within the Mickey Mouse League and is also a national symbol

For starters, a larger castle was needed to appear more intimidating for foreign nationals, and included more space for political rallies and parades. The castle was originally built with 29 towers, however two of these were destroyed by Pirate extremist attacks, resulting in the current tower count of 27. The two missing towers have yet to be rebuilt.

On the second level of the castle is a large banquet hall used for royal banquets and to impress foreign nationals, all at the expense of taxpayer money, of course. The upper levels contain Cinderella's royal chambers and other governmental offices.

Stitch's unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the government

There have been several attempts to overthrow Cinderella's government, including a few by the PLO. The most recent attempt was carried out by a group known as the Stitch Army. Like those that came before him, the leader, Stitch, was caught and locked up somewhere in Tomorrowland, but not before he was able to deface the castle towers.


In a manner similar to Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom is divided up into several distinct suburbs. They include

Main Street[edit]

Main Street contains most of the Magic Kingdom's businesses and drives the economy. The close proximity to Cinderella's Castle makes Main Street an ideal place for many of the political parades that are held within the kingdom.


The alleged gateway to the Underworld can be found in Fantasyland

This region is a year-round medieval fair. It contains many exhibits, and some claim that there is even a gateway to the Underworld within its boundaries.

There were proposals to build a replica of the Matterhorn within the Magic Kingdom, but these plans were later turned down due to Cinderella's objecting to the construction of anything that was taller than her castle, being the spoiled princess that she was.

Fantasyland also contained the 20000 Leagues Naval Base and its large fleet of submarines and warships. Due to reduced military funding, and the relative peace of the nation, most of the subs were decommissioned and scrapped. Some still remain, including some that have been sighted patrolling the seas around Castaway Cay. Another has been sighted patrolling the seas in the Discoveryland region at EuroDisney

One notable resident of Fantasyland was Mr. Toad. When Mr. Toad was imprisoned for reckless driving and damaging one of Cinderella's royal limos, Winnie the Pooh seized both the Naval Base and Mr. Toad's former residence and started work on Operation Hundred Acre Wood, an attempt to restore forests and wildlife to the area. Dissidents claimed that Mr. Pooh's real intentions were actually to raise swarms of killer bees. Mr. Toad later escaped from prison and fled to Disneyland.

Fantasyland is home to


The Tomorrowland region is similar to the Tomorrowland nation at Disneyland with a few differences and serves as an intergalactic spaceport for visitors from other worlds. Like the Disneyland counterpart, it contains much of Disney World's transportation infrastructure, all regulated by the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. The daily operations of Tomorrowland are headed by Push the Talking Trash Can, who can be seen on a regular basis interacting with residents and visitors.

Tomorrowland contains the following landmarks

  • MILF Comedy Club
  • Stitch Encounter
  • Buzz Lightyear's Dreamflight
  • PeopleMover
  • Space Mountain
  • The Space Mountain Line
  • Astro Orbiter
  • Indy Speedway
  • Carousel of Progress


Frontierland is home to the Big Thunder Mountain mining company. Unlike its Disneyland counterpart, this one has a perfect safety record.

Frontierland contains two of the Magic Kingdom's famous peaks:


Toontown Fair[edit]

  • Go Coaster

Liberty Square[edit]

As a result of the negative publicity associated with New Orleans Square and the actions of Pirate Liberation Organization, the government decided against building New Orleans Square in the Magic Kingdom. Instead, they opted for Liberty Square, to celebrate the freedoms and prosperity associated with being part of the Mickey Mouse League

Liberty Square is home to:


With the construction of the Magic Kingdom, it became apparent that larger and faster transportation infrastructure was needed to transport citizens and visitors around the vast Disney World nation. There are several intra- and inter-city transportation options for visitors.


One of the larger of the transport systems is the train system. The trains cover a single circular loop, however this loop includes stops in several different regions, including Toontown, Frontierland, and Main Street. Historians praise the system for its classic charm and original steam powered locomotives. In addition, under Cinderella's rule, the trains have almost always been on time.


The Monorail is the largest and fastest of all the transportation systems within the empire. Utilizing state-of-the-art Mark VI vehicles, the monorail whisks people to destinations such as EPCOT Center, residential communities, the Transportation and Immigration Center, and even the coast, provided that all passengers "stand clear of the doors". The system can be extremely busy during rush hour, but the large capacity of the system minimizes waiting.

Not to be out-done by Magic Kingdom, Disneyland recently invested in upgrades to its monorail fleet. These upgrades were mostly cosmetic, but allowed Disneyland to brag about having the latest and greatest Mark VII trains. Upgrades to the system were delayed and resulted in complete reduction in system capacity during the time of upgrades. Even when the new trains arrived, they didn't fit the track properly and engineers overlooked adding air conditioning, a feature found on Magic Kingdom's monorails for decades.

WEDway PeopleMover[edit]

Like Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom also has a PeopleMover. This version, known as the WEDway PeopleMover, however, utilizes high-tech magnetic induction motors and makes up the Tomorrowland Transit Authority's Blue Line. When the original PeopleMover at Disneyland closed as a result of the Pirate Liberation Organization bombings, security was increased for the WEDway PeopleMover. These security concerns were later eased, and the PeopleMover continues to operate at full capacity to this day.


Like the PeopleMover, the Skyway is another transportation system based on an existing system in Disneyland. This system operated flawlessly until 1999 when a PLO attempt to pilot a car into Space Mountain was foiled. One PLO member was killed in the attempt and Cinderella ordered the system shut down to prevent further attacks. Much of the infrastructure of the system remains in place, but future operation is unlikely.

Indy Speedway[edit]

With the Monorail and the PeopleMover dominating the transportation needs of the Magic Kingdom, instead of an Autopia highway system, the Ministry of Public Works opted instead to build a race track. Many visitors and residents were from Florida anyway and were not capable of driving safely on a conventional highway, making the crashes more spectacular and entertaining.

Liberty Belle Riverboat[edit]

The Liberty Belle is the largest member of Magic Kingdom's naval fleet and provides ferry service to other cities in the region. During wartime, it assists the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder in transporting troops.


Another aspect of the Magic Kingdom is the secret underground maze of hidden corridors. In addition to quickly mobilizing troops within the nation, the utilidors also provide a bomb shelter in the case of an attack.

Transportation an Immigration Center[edit]

The Transportation and Immigration Center (TIC) is the first checkpoint that many visitors encounter when visiting the Magic Kingdom.