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This article is about the French writer; for other people named William Little see William Little (disambiguation).
No, that ain't me!

William Little was a French writer who, in the 2000s, became several times writer of the month[1][2][3]. As a young, he was photograph reporter known for his famous pictures of the Waffen AA in Germany. He later travelled to Dauville to study the technique of the good man jumping in front of the hero to save his life at the expense of his own and then in guetthos of Orleans to investigate the largeness of the cataclysm.

His doctoral dissertation Writer of the Month For Dummies (2007) was his first article ever featured, and he became the apostle of this operation for the correction of wikipedia deformity secondary to megalomania disease. Little founded the GAP of Mark Zuckerberg, who's trying desperately to launch his new project that he hopes more profitable than Facebook. Among his many publications were The Magic of Christmas (2009), Dexter (2009), UnBooks:The Varnished Urinal (2009), Brush fire (2009), Astérix (2009), Fumetti (2010), Extrasolar planet (2010) and Tapeworm (2010).

The portals of the biography and politics originated and applied by Little are used today in the surgical satyre of quite a few funny peoples. Little was one of the first to bridge the GAP between the GAP and the BPA and his important work continues to impact on both of these articles.



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