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“Bob Dole supports the prevention of Super Aids. Bob Dole. Bob Dole.”

~ Bob Dole on Super Aids

“In Soviet Russia Super Aids contracts you.”

~ Russian Reversal on Super Aids

“I will give you Super Aids”

~ Oscar Wilde on Super Aids
A man with Super Aids

Super Aids is a disease thats similar to Aids, but can be transmitted by skin contact, bodily fluids, or eating at Burger King. It's highly unknown because if contracted the person with Super Aids can quickly contract SEHS. There is no natural cure for Super Aids and it has a 102% mortality rate, because it kills some of it's victims multiple times. There is no escape from Super Aids. It will find you.


1360 - Jesus accidentally invents Super Aids at a party.

1442 - Christopher Columbus brings Super Aids to the Americas.

1666 - Burger King starts spreading Super Aids. A claim they still deny.

1987 - It is discovered that Super Aids makes it impossible to huff kittins.

1999 - A cure for Super Aids is discovered, the finders head promptly explodes.

Famous people with Super Aids[edit]

John Travolta

Bob Dole

The Burger King

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