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This movie is trippy, dude.

Se7en (pronounced se-SEVEN-en) is an American movie directed and written by David Normal with a soundtrack by South Korean Pop star Choi Dong-Wook. The film is based on a true story about a retiring homicide detective (Morgan Freeman) and his trusted sidekick (Brad Pitt), and their hilarious dialogue as they jointly investigate a series of ritualistic murders inspired by the seven colors of the rainbow.


The green death scene actually has little to do with envy and more to do with pine tree air fresheners.

In a bleak and dreary urban setting of gray skies and constant rain, Detective Billy Sunset (Freeman) is preparing to retire, when he is paired with Detective Bob Ross (Pitt), a happy go-lucky mild-mannered cop who has recently taken up the hobby of painting. Together, the two investigate the murder of an extremely skinny man who has starved to death as complications from fasting during lent, naturally dressed in the liturgical color of violet and surrounded by the flowers of the same name. Next is the death of ginger comedian Carrot Top, who in a drunken rage dressed himself entirely in head-to-toe red and lit himself on fire. This death was assumed to be a suicide, until Sunset finds an ominous email with a link to an orange-themed YouTube video explaining the mysterious connection between these seemingly unrelated deaths and the serial killer's overzealous relationship with the hues red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

The serial killer Se7en reveals his identity to the detectives.
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