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696969 visitors and counting

Hello and Welcome to Vote For The Worst's homepage! Vote for the worst is dedicated to do lots of stuff to lots of people. We have a big number of people here counting the number of people visiting. It is very interesting.

We at VoteForTheWorst are very interesting people. You know American Idol? The thing with all those people singing to bunnies in Fluffy Bunny World? I don't think you do. But anyway we like the people with big horrible evil teeth who sing hopelessly out of tune. So we vote for them. Because its funny.

Kris allen.jpg

We use state of the art technology to manipulate and change votes to suit what we want. For example, if we want a big fat tomato to win American Idol, we can manipulate the votes so that the big fat tomato will win. It has worked before, in American Idol seasons 10 and 14, where big fat tomatoes won the whole American Idol.


Oh we forgot the disclaimer.

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