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UnNews Column OpEd on ATBF:Kettle color irrelevant, pot is an asshole

If there ever was a case of the pot calling the kettle black, it is the faux outrage expressed by Rush Limbaugh over comments in Barack Obamas first physical as president; specifically, a recommendation that the President drink moderately. From this, we are told by the likes of Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and their ilk at Fox News, the American people are to deduce that Barack Obama is an alcoholic.

Of course, in this great land of ours, where it is considered treasonous to label George W. Bush a moron, yet at the same time, it's OK for some to call Obama a Nazi/Socialist/Elitist, mostly-Republican-and-Libertarian, white-trash-redneck-intellectual, Teabag-partiers are so enmeshed in their Judeo-Christian, white supremecist, self-important dream world, that the yawning gaps which we critical thinkers perceive between truth and idealism of any sort appears to their hindsighted vision as an affront against God, Jesus and country.

The events I've described above took place around March first this year. It occurs to me, as Chief Janitorial Servicing Editor and a disreputable UnJournalist, that at a major news publication such as UnNews, articles should be "fresh" and topical. Thus far, this article has been neither. more...