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Nice edits[edit]

On Fox "News". You caught lots of mistakes, and all the people at Fox News will thank you in their own way. Good to meet you, Aleister 2:45 8 8

Hi, and thanks[edit]

Thanks for saving the old Glenn Beck page. I had no idea that such a full article existed, and didn't realize we could just huff a page on our own by calling it a rewrite. Nothing against the author of the feature, but yeah, this is a long and at times very detailed page. What do you think would be a good "new" name for it? Aleister 2:07 18 11

p.s. To link to the featured page all that has to be done is rename the old article, and then put a link on the page under Glenn Beck's name at some point.
The name Glenn Beck (person) works well. Nice thought. Because of you and this save I dug up the old Batman page and renamed it Batman (person). Yay! Aleister 2:40 18 11
p.s. Done, moved it.


Great addition to the USA and Taliban page, perfect caption, "Now get out". He tells the tiny boy the story, then kicks him out of the car with no explanation. Perfect. Since I'm here, I shall streetwalk and whore a read of a page of mine on VFH, Uncyclopedia is almost full, which is stuggling on VFH but I've told Rupert I'd try my best. Thanks for that, but mostly thanks for "Now get out". I actually tried to think of another pic for the page and couldn't come up with anything. Aleister 00:00 Solstice, MMX

The first pic and caption was, imnho, much better, a full circle type of thing which keeps the page lighter through the tragedy. Aleister 11:09 Solstice MMX

Hello. Woo woo, nice additions!! I put back the students in the classroom since Arnold had instructed the kid to go tell his classmates, and that pic makes it look like someone is talking to them from the front. Then, since the explosions were getting too "the same" finished with a bang! The only other thing I thought of was to get a pic of a guy in the same car as Arnold from the back driving away alone, and then bomb him, but I have no idea what pic to use for that sequence. Have any ideas? You know what, maybe we can actually get this sucker co-featured, it makes me laugh enough just seeing your additions. Woo woo!! Aleister 1:29 29 12 MMX p.s. I just looked at the page again and even knowing what was coming lol for a long time. It's best schrolled down kind of slow, probably what most people would do. 1:52 same day

Nice. Maybe not a moving gif as much as the pics at :37 (the car driving away) and :57 (Arnold looking backwards firing his gun in the air). The story could be Arnold drives away as soon as he drops the boy off, a plane sees him, Arnold sees the plane and fires his weapon, a bomb falls, booommm (or else Arnold can shoot down the plane in the next frame, but that would go against the grain of the story), then go to the story of the schoolchildren. That sequence may be unless we want to draw the story out, but that's a great find and if you have one of those magic machines that can extract a frame from a vid those two may be good choices. Or do we even need Arnold anymore, maybe something else after the schoolchildren, Osama Bin Furby in a cave or something. What's your ideas? Aleister 18:25 29 12

Goforit! Sounds like a great idea. I haven't checked the resolution power of the good pics at Category:War Images, but you came up with some great pics. That's the thing I lack, having the know how and the equipment to play with graphics (I just make do with what I find on the site aside from Funnybony uploading two pics I wanted and Lyrithya working the mask on Disguise as well as creating a great RadicalX corner pic recently). Your idea feels really good, and that page already makes me laugh everytime I look at it. Aleister 19:18 29 12 MMX

Great new additions and pics and everything. Beautiful work. The name, hmmmm. If we keep the page as something which is actually happening is it needed to point out Arnold's name? This then makes it look like a film and not a real-life series of incidents. I'm thinking, but can't come up with anything to get both in the title. "The USA versus the primitive Taliban, and Arnold versus the USA" -- how about that? Growing on me. Growing. We don't really need his last name, ah, iz grown. OK? Aleister 19:14 30 12 MMX

p.s. Well, maybe yours. Let's keep it and let it settle and see if we both love it. Great work.
p.s.s. "The USA versus the primitive Taliban, and Arnold versus the primitive USA" ?
p.s.s. Nah, yours works fine, as long as the redirect is in place. Never mind my ramblings, we've done gooth.

Hello, and I agree, feature worthy and sponge worthy. A couple of questions. Why the change on the American flag? It seems odd now, just looks like a blue mushroom. The pic of the flag with the bomb says it all in a way. Would you mind if it were changed back? Maybe your reasoning would convince me though. And the name, how about if we go back to the original. Arnold is obviously a big part of the story, and recognizable. So naming him in the title may actually take away from the impact. Since earlier I've realized "Damn", the concept of some jerks attacking on 9/11 led the USA into a war with the Taliban, and according to this story the effects of that war led to another 9/11, full circle! Did you click on the blue links in the Uncle Sam caption? The best way to feature is to put it on pee review. I already have a page on pee, if you don't maybe you can put it there. Then either someone takes it or it waits seven days, then we can nom it. Just one other thing, possibly someone could photoshop a flame coming off of the plane before it hits the towers, to show that its been hit. I bet Lyrithya would come up with a good one. A long note here, so I'll sign off. Cheeers. Aleister 2:30 31 12 MMX

Jeez, quite the section here. Never mind the name change again, the Arnold thing is growing on me (like a fungus). Wow, you're fast. Thanks, the mushroom cloud seems more whacking-on-the-head than the mushroom, although I like the mushroom for other things. I saw you enhanced Uncle Sam, nice work. I'll try to stop praising you now, at least here. Enjoy. Aleister 2:51 New Years Eve MMX
lol. We crossed messages at the same minute. So do we want to agree on the first name, and leave Arnold to the reader's recognition? Sounds fine. You? I asked Lyrithya to look at the page without telling hir which photo to request, I didn't want to ruin the page for Lyrith by jumping ahead of the storyline. I will try to stop writing these long messages now. Cheers. Aleister 3:02 New Years Eve MMX
Ah, I see what you mean. How I look at the page is that first the USA attacked the Taliban, then the war continues at home in the "hearts and minds" of the American people. So Arnold, he tells a young boy the true story of what the USA was up to, just bombing the hell out of a country (as they did in Iraq too), and hurry, go tell this to your classmates. But the USA somehow knows about Arnold and the boy, so it attacks them both and silence them. So to me the story ties together that way under the title. Make sense, or am I dreaming a dream. Thanks again. (and your new version of the flag, I will sing your praises again! Awesome) Aleister a few minutes later

U&SA versus[edit]

You've done great work on the page per the pee review. Lyrithya tweeked the picure of the plane going towards the towers by adding a flame behind the plane. I took one photo out to keep to the rythmn of the page, and tweeked a caption per pee review. The page is in very good shape! Maybe all we need is what we both have floated around, to bring the name back to the original, and I think we have a great page. Yay! Aleister 1:01 5 1 '11

I saw you nommed it for feature. OK, let's see what happens. You know you can vote for it too, as well as nom it, that would give us two votes! Crossing fingers. Aleister 2:21 5 1 '11

UnBooks:Let's take a walk in the city! made it into queue![edit]

Thanks for votin...


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