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It's rather nice to have you here on my talk page. However, if I left a message on your talkpage, respond there. It would be nice if new messages were posted to the bottom of this page. 1. Prehistory - I am welcomed
Modern day - YesTimeToEdit appears, I seem to be part of a cult. Oh, and SysRq asks WHO THE FUCK I AM. Neat.

How Is My Favourite Healthy Piece Of Food?[edit] are you? Been turned into Ribena yet? Also lololololololwtflolololomglololollmaorolflololololrolfomgwtfomfglololololrolf, hahahaha teh rul3z!!!!111!!!!!11!!. You've got to put that userbox on your userpage! - [17:56 4 June] Sir FSt. Don Pleb Yettie (talk) QotF BFF NotM RotM UNPotM UGotM CUN PEE SR UnProvise

I'm your favourite healthy piece of food? Quite flattering. // Berry; speak to me // 20:20 4 June 2008
Don't flatter yourself, I only know one. - [20:28 4 June] Sir FSt. Don Pleb Yettie (talk) QotF BFF NotM RotM UNPotM UGotM CUN PEE SR UnProvise
You had to burst my bubble, didn't you? // Berry; speak to me // 20:30 4 June 2008
WTF happened to you? Are you still out there, you healthy little cult member? - [21:50 10 July] Sir FSt Don Yettie
I think so. // Berry; speak to me // 18:04 11 July 2008
I - I - I think so? Why this unsurity? Why the insecurity? Don't make me write/sing a song... - [18:07 11 July] Sir FSt Don Yettie
Because they are watching me. CAN'T YOU SEE THEM? // Berry; speak to me // 18:09 11 July 2008
Oh noes, not them. They once pinned me down and took it in turns to rape me. You have to run! Run as fast as you can, or they'll get you! - [18:12 11 July] Sir FSt Don Yettie
Alas, I have no legs, for I am a berry. You'll have to throw me. // Berry; speak to me // 18:12 11 July 2008
Good luck, my berry friend. I have just the thing for the propullsion, a gas powered catupolt. If you don't mind I'll just fit you in here. *clicks in place* - [18:19 11 July] Sir FSt Don Yettie
YesTimeToGoodbye. // Berry; speak to me // 18:22 11 July 2008
Oh no, I can't do it! I can't catupult my berry friend into certain oblivion. You'll jsut have to let them rape, kick and consume/get high off you. - [18:24 11 July] Sir FSt Don Yettie
I'll have to call my Mexican friend Alfonso to do it, then. He has cojones, incidentally. I'm not really eager to try out this "rape" thing you keep speaking of. // Berry; speak to me // 18:27 11 July 2008
Yes, it's a bit...sticky.There's too many aeroplanes involved in it, for my liking. - [18:33 11 July] Sir FSt Don Yettie
Aeroplanes, oooh no, don't mention aeroplanes when Alfonso is around. I don't know, but I've been told that Alfonso's father, Sergei (Alfonso is half-Russian) tried to fly a home-made aeroplane over their farm when Alfonso was knee-high. He hasn't been seen since, quite sadly. // Berry; speak to me // 18:41 11 July 2008
Maybe Sergei is one of them? Maybe Alfonso is also one of them? Maybe YOU'RE one of them! Oh god, you are! Why? Why did you decieve me for so long? Maybe I'm one of them...Ahhhh! - [18:50 11 July] Sir FSt Don Yettie
So you have unveiled my secret, laddy. It was bound to happen, for it was inevitable. And inedible. // Berry; speak to me // 18:53 11 July 2008
Aww, what kind of a secret is a secret that you can't eat or otherwise enjoy? Damn them and their weird secrets. Damn them all! - [18:57 11 July] Sir FSt Don Yettie
I'll have to confess; Alfonso is no friend of mine. He doesn't even exist, really. He, like myself, is just a figment of your imagination. In fact, Yettie, that manatee, no, not that one, I mean the one that just came out of your ear, yes that one, is also merely a product, if you like, of your imagination. It's the laws of nature, really: you know that berries don't talk, let alone have secrets, right? Right? // Berry; speak to me // 19:04 11 July 2008
They don't! Damn them! - [19:15 11 July] Sir FSt Don Yettie
You're talking to yourself again.
I just killed the joke by not logging in. // Berry; speak to me // 19:35 11 July 2008
Joke?! - [20:10 11 July] Sir FSt Don Yettie
BERRY YOU BASTARD!!!! Don't think I've forgotten you, you little piece of nutrition. How are you? Are you how? Damn. - [16:03 1 August] Sir FSt Don Yettie

I wish you were alive[edit]

I do. User:YesTimeToEdit/sig13 [23:56 20 August 2010]