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  1. Lể Ẳŗchỉvẽ, the happeningest archive in town | January whenever - Sometime in March
  2. Uncle Ping's Sushi and Karaoke Archive, we make much template for your happy time! | April 1th - May 4rd
  3. The P.A.I.N Archive, Steak; raw style, 'merican style, proper style. | 5/5 - 1/6
  4. The Horse and Archive, aye... that wasnae aye sausage... | Sixth of May to the Fifth of July
  5. La L'ano lecca, We donn'a hav'a da good pasta but we do hav'a da bad accenti, belissimo! | July 6 - 31
  6. Coogee Bay Hotel, Try the chocolate icecream! | August 1th - November 26nd

Don't Be a Brick (They hurt), Be Funny and Stupid, Give Pie.

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Holy bastarding feck[edit]

It's you! I remember you - you were funny and stuff. Are you back to be funny and stuff? Hope you are, even though I'm just passing through on my way to being really busy. Oh, and your talkpage just got tragically despoiled. Live with it. --UU - natter UU Manhole.gif 08:53, May 9