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Archives of Pain

Archive 1 - Of welcomes, votes and, well, more votes.
Archive 2 - Of votes, proofreading and reviews.
Archive 3 - Of votes, reviews and images, in the main.
Archive 4 - Of votes, reviews, images, embuggerances and judging.
Archive 5 - Of, ooh, all sorts of things!
Archive 6 - Of Cabals, Pussies, Pees, Feathers, Showers and stuff.
Archive 7 - Of Blah, no Friends, an adoption and sundry whatever.
Archive 8 - Of Summaries, numpties, smiths, spark pics and so forth.
Archive 9 - Of Death to England, indenting, UnBirthdays and whatnot.
Archive 10 - Of Bloody Admins, UU losing it, sitcoms,and more piffle.
Archive 11 - Of Bans, fish puns and final pre-marital blethering.
Archive 12 - Of Australia, ring fingers, huge asses and suchlike.
Archive 13 - Of face facts, afternoons, oldness and whatnot.
Archive 14 - Of apostrophes, festivities, pants and all that jazz.
Archive 15 - Of oppage, zombie poopsmiths and similar shenanigans.
Archive 16 - Of bots, ageism, Signposts and what have you.
Archive 17 - Of something, I'm pretty sure.
Archive 18 - Of many things, possibly including carpenters and kings.
Archive 19 - Of temps perdu, among other things.
Archive 20 - Of the lost chord, for all that it matters.
Archive 21 - Of whatever - no-one reads these archive links anyway.
Archive 22 - Of Lord, please don't let me be Misunderstood.
Archive 23 - Of an epic amount of stuff, quite frankly.
Archive 24 - Of course I can help you reset your password.
Archive 25 - Of awards, Signposts and wibble; business as usual then.
Archive 26 - Of family business, mostly.
Archive 26 - Of all kinds of gubbins.
Archive 27 - Of trumpets, towers tenements.
Archive 28 - Of wide oceans full of tears.

New stuff on bottom please.
And if you leave a message here, I will respond here. It keeps things easy to follow, and at my age, I need that! Thanks. Oh, and:

No talk page whoring please.

Yes, I know I did it once myself, but I feel somehow sullied from the experience. So don't, OK? I'll vote soon enough, I normally do!

Next: there is a word. It starts with an "r" and rhymes with "cape". Don't use it on my page please, it annoys the hell out of me.
And if you do it in jest, expecting a joke ban, be prepared for a big surprise - this is not a joke.

Finally, as I'm that sad, I reserve the right to correct spelling on this talk page if it irks me enough.
Please don't take it as an insult to your writing skills, take it as proof that I have no life.

I'm Listening, Start Talking[edit]


TAPE--DRStrangesig5.png Sherman.png Fingertalk.png  10:31, June 7, 2010 (UTC)

Big mistake. I don't ask much on my talk page, but nice though it is to see you Doc (and it is good to see you), that is one of the things I ask people not to do. And I'm very serious. --UU - natter UU Manhole.gif 10:36, Jun 7
Sorry about that old bean! I actually didn't notice that part of your talk page instruction. I just saw the archive action on recent changes and knee jerked because someone always beats me to it. I was long overdue for my first ban but didn't want to actually offend anyone to accomplish that - so sorry! ;-) --DRStrangesig5.png Sherman.png Fingertalk.png  11:26, June 7, 2010 (UTC)
I had something actually witty planned for UU's archive- oh well, I must watch his actions more carefully next time...--Sir HELPME Talk (more? --> CUN Candidate NOTM USS Pees Stain ) On Monday, 03:25, June 07 2010 UTC


Since you're removing items, Death is both ineligable and has been renamed, and Padddy is working on the new version, so the entry is invalid in about six ways. Thanks. Aleister sans chains 12:06 6 6 MMX


Sorry 'bout that. It seems i've forgotten where to stick various things in my absence. Read into that as you will. I'll make note to re-read all the shite and instructions we have at the tops of pages in case i've forgotten anything else! (Bonner) (Talk) Jun 9, 16:02

I'm confused and terrified![edit]

I was directed here upon learning that the article "Rowdy Rod's Big Bible-Based Book Of Birds N' Bees For Bible-Believing Boys" had been, as you folks say, huffed. Do I want a copy back? I guess I do, though I'm not really sure what the hell is going on.--WiWiJumbo 07:26, June 15, 2010 (UTC)

Look here.... -- Sir Mhaille Icons-flag-gb.png (talk to me)

Thanks there[edit]

A smurf was about to make love to my behind, but you intervened just in time. I am truly grateful. Thanks for sticking up for me. Sir SockySexy girls.jpg Mermaid with dolphin.jpg Tired Marilyn Monroe.jpg (talk) (stalk)Magnemite.gif Icons-flag-be.png GUN SotM UotM PMotM UotY 21:37, 16 June 2010

No worries, I am the Wiki's number one choice for anti-Smurf molestation protection. --UU - natter UU Manhole.gif 10:37, Jun 17

So, When did you choose to become left-handed?[edit]

Just curious cos, I mean, it's not really normal is it? Also, life? going good?    Orian57    Talk   Union pink.jpg 02:01 17 June 2010

If the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body, then only left-handed people are in their right minds. Or something. I'm a weird lefty anyway - I write left-handed, and play pool left-handed, but play racquet sports and use scissors right-handed. It's like I can't commit fully to the left-handed lifestyle. And life is OK, if a little sombre right now - just attended my Gran's funeral (actually, she was left-handed too, now I think about it). Very proud that she got to meet her great-granddaughter before she passed away - she always wanted to be a great-grandmother. Sorry to be a bit of a bringdown, but you did ask. How's you? --UU - natter UU Manhole.gif 10:41, Jun 17
I eat my food with the cutlery in the wrong hands, but for everything else I'm righthanded. -- Sir Mhaille Icons-flag-gb.png (talk to me)
OMG, Mhaille on my talk page twice between archives? Is this a sign of the repocalypse? --UU - natter UU Manhole.gif 10:47, Jun 17
much the same actually. My grandfather died recently aswell so I have to go to wales next week for his funeral. Still can't quite get back into the swing of this place, and I have a job now so I'm always tierd and grumpy. just thought I'd drop by though see what was up. sorry to hear about your gran. She must've had some really good innings, though, considering how old you are. :P    Orian57    Talk   Union pink.jpg 16:50 17 June 2010
/hugs UU and Orian. Pleb CUN KUN Dexter111344 Complain here Vote now! 16:54, June 17, 2010 (UTC)
Orian dropped by and didn't even talk to me? I'm sad now...--Sir HELPME Talk (more? --> CUN Candidate NOTM USS Pees Stain ) On Thursday, 04:56, June 17 2010 UTC
You said you don't want me touching you so here. /hands HELPME baby lotion and a box of Kleenex. Pleb CUN KUN Dexter111344 Complain here Vote now! 16:59, June 17, 2010 (UTC)
You touched that, so I can't use it. I don't want to get an STD.--Sir HELPME Talk (more? --> CUN Candidate NOTM USS Pees Stain ) On Thursday, 05:11, June 17 2010 UTC
Dude. Losing people sucks (even though my gran was 95, she just seemed unstoppable). My thoughts are with you. As to getting back into the swing of this place, sometimes you click, sometimes you don't, you know? I've had a few periods when I seriously thought I'd done all I could here and wasn't going to come back because I couldn't get into the mindset. Then something happened, and I clicked again. And ended up writing some of my best articles, now I come to think of it. Don't worry about it, you're still the funny guy you always were, and you'll fire again, just don't try to force it! --UU - natter UU Manhole.gif 21:34, Jun 19

I use left-handed mouse and touchpad. I play football prefering kicks by left foot. I open bottles with left hand. But I write with right hand and play darts with right as well. I was ambidexterous lacrosse and pool player. Am I weird then?. Polisz.jpgPtokh-BenthonytchnoeHey! You can buy some sausage I illegally smuggle to Uncy! 22:53, June 18, 2010 (UTC)

No more than me. Actually, that's not hugely helpful, now I think about it... --UU - natter UU Manhole.gif 21:34, Jun 19


I've been absent for some time. However, I've seen you had done a fantastic job with Mark Robinson. I laughed much. Great, great work. So, is it done yet? Let me know when it's finished. Cheers. (And sorry for my rusty English. I've seen that you sent me to learn to spell :P Well. Fast fingers :P)

Polisz.jpgPtokh-BenthonytchnoeHey! You can buy some sausage I illegally smuggle to Uncy! 22:49, June 18, 2010 (UTC)

Glad you like what I've done Ptok - I'm nearly there, hope to be finished this week. I'm enjoying it; as I said, I loved your ideas, and I'm trying to keep as many as possible. And don't you dare apologise for your English, it's very good for someone who isn't a native speaker (I speak not a word of Poloish, and until I can speak your language, I will never ridicule your abilities in mine). --UU - natter UU Manhole.gif 21:38, Jun 19