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Väinö Tanner
4th President of Finland
Term of Office: 1932-1933
Preceded: Pehr Evind Svinhufvud
Succeeded: Pehr Evind Svinhufvud
Date of Birth: 1881
Place of Birth: Syrjänperä
Date of Death: 2000
Place of Death: Helsinki
Party Social Democratic Party

Väinö "Väpä" Tanner was Finnish dude and "sossu". He was hate everything, what is conservative. Väpä included Social Democratic Party. Väpä is so famous human in Finland and him hates in USSR and Sovietlands, because he is get to war against they.

Väinö was die about assasination. Who dude shoot he (look:death)


Tanner was born in 1881, in Syrjänperä. He was so great Democratic after born and before politic career, so he divided his lunch other babys and childrenses. His parents was Mayror of Syrjänperä Vilhelm Tanner and mother is representative of people Martta Tanner. Väinö's life is carefree.

Tanner hate as soon as communists killed his parents. He walk to Leningrad. There he menaced kill Mayor of Leningrad Vladimir Petrolin. Uncle Petteri get Väinö to home growed years 1891-96.

1897 Tanner came to university. There he studed philosophic and politics. He rise to student 1899 and was so happy. He writed book named Kommunismi on syvältä (Communism sucks). NOTICE YOU! Next book is propagandabook.

In Finnish

  "Hyvä lukija! Suomi on vapaa maa, mutta kuinka kauan. Ei ainakaan 
   silloin kun, kommunistit tulevat valtaan, haluatteko sitä? Minä 
   en ainakaan! Demokraattisessa maassa leipä jaetaan kaikkien kes-
   ken, kommunistisessa maassa kommunistien kesken! EI KÄY! Suomi
   tarvitsee demokratiaa! Meidän maa on konservatiivinen, joka ei
   myöskään ole tasa-arvoinen! Tarvitsemme demokratiaa, SOSIAALIdemokratiaa!! BUHAHAA!! BUHAHAA!!" 

In English

  "Good Reader! Finland is free land, but how long time. Not anyhow
   then when communists rise to power, are you want it? I don't want!
   In democratic land bread divided among every people, communistic 
   land bread divided among communists! I don't support it! Finland
   must democratic! Our land is conservativic, who is not also equa-
   lity! We must be democratic, SOCIAL democratic! BUHAHAA!!..."

Politic Career[edit]

1907 Tanner came to Parliament of Finland. 1909 him rise to Financeminister and 1911 Vice Prime Minister. 1918 Tanner toke part in Finnish Civil War with reds, but his lost it and must fled to Siberia.

1920 Tanner back to Finland and start political career again. 1926-1928 he was Prime Minister of Finland and after it 1931 he take aim to President, but failed. H change angry and move to Lapua, where he take part in Lapuan Liike, which designed revolution.

1932 president Svinhufvud get know, that Lapuan Liike revolt in Mäntsälä. Tanner lead to Lapuan Liike and it proceeded to Helsinki, where it captured Castle of President. Svinhufvud capitulated and Tanner rise to President.

In the near future, Tanner would also lead an army in The New Continent Civil War in America. He participated in the Battle of Switzerland County, and unsuccessfully tried to give the hillbillies of Indiana freedom and a new nation. To his disadvantage, a little known hoosier named Franz Josef Hornisse made a miraculos comeback and defeated Tanner and his hillbilly followers.

Look how depressed Tanner is after he lost the battle to the government.... hes the one on the right, the clown

President and after it time[edit]

Tanner rise to dictator of Finland March 3 1932. After it Finland is only chaos. Workers strikeded, Russia broke off relationship to Finland, so much fires finger for country and everything is horrobly. Svinhufvu capture power Juny 6 1933 and back to again president of Finland. Tanner's doom is exile for Hell fifteen years, but Tanner was happiness, so Winter War broke out 1939 and Finland is other party it.


Tanner departed from politic 1966. He stay foreign policy after, until he assasinated. Tanner walk in street, in Helsinki 2000, when resounded shot. Bullet hit to Tanner's head and he fell ground to. Everything don't know who killed he, but for fault arrest man named Paavo Väyrynen.

Preceded by:
George W. Bush
Leader of Al-Qaida
1922-1932 AD
Succeeded by:
Saddam Hussein
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