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VBScript is a type of ineffectual computer virus, first created in 1995 by the well known script kiddie Brendan Eich of the trolling organisation "Mozilla". The most common use for VBScript is to make computer pranks which have led to suicides by school teachers.

The early web was a surprisingly safe environment, one in which a parent could allow their child to roam as free as Adam. Acting in response to this, the VB computer virus was created to annoy and mentally disturb Internet viewers. VB, however, was limited in its ability to wreck havoc, being more or less restricted to slowing down the loading of a web page; not a particularly effective means of annoying people.

VBScript, ( "VB" + "Script Kiddie" ), was an attempt to improve the virus's effectiveness. One of its early success stories was the ability to cause one image to be replaced by another when the user would roll over it. This confusion tactic was simple, but ultimately lead to better forms of Internet harassment. The height of its popularity within the hacker community came when the "Pop-up Technique" was created, a truly brilliant way to lock a user into view hundreds of porn sites with no way to exit their browser.

Unlike most viruses, VBScript uses a "prototype-based object-oriented paradigm", rather than the traditional class/instance model. Since no one really knows what this means, this fact can be safely ignored.

An international trolling organisation called the ECMA, ("European Collective Masturbation Association"), created their own VBScript virus, called ECMAScript. This now legendary version is used as the basis of several well known viruses, including "ActionScript" used in the trojan horse "Macromedia Flash".

For a much more effective virus with which to annoy people, see JavaScript. "Why does this article bear such a resemblance to the article on JavaScript?" you may be wondering. But nobody cares what you're wondering, so fuck off and go read about JavaScript already. (Think we can fit more links to JavaScript into this article that's not even about JavaScript? JavaScript.)

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