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Vanessa Feltz (born 1937) is a British television presenter and former glamour model.

Early Life[edit]

Born Vanessa Fletz in the seaside resort of Weston-Super-Mare, Feltz changed her name from Fletz to Feltz early in her career after discovering that a then-popular actress called Vanessa Fletz was already a member of Equity. Joining the National Theatre in 1968, Feltz starred as Desdemona in a semi-musical adaptation of Othello, opposite Gary Wilmott as the Moor, and Bobby Davro as Iago, before winning a lead role in ITV's seminal drama series, 'The Fitzburg Misadventure'.

Her acting career was short-lived, however, after she gave birth, in 1975, to quadruplets, whom she named Child A, Child B, Child C, and Louise. Her marriage to the film director Nicholas Roeg was annulled the following year, leaving Feltz a single mother of four, struggling to survive by earning a living working in a Little Chef on the A38 near Totnes, in Devon. Her big break came when, in 1982, she was spotted by a talent agent looking for somebody to present the new BBC current affairs programme, 'Bloody Hell, It's The News'. The original presenter, Sue Lawley, had dropped out early on after sustaining serious injuries in a bar brawl, leaving a space soon amply occupied by Vanessa.


'Bloody Hell, It's The News' was a short-lived project, following the controversy which saw fellow television presenter Michael Aspel pleasuring himself with a sock while dancing slowly to 'Begin The Beguine'. While his career recovered swiftly from this scandal, Vanessa would not reappear on British television screens for another eight years, when she became the host of the eponymous talk show, 'Vanessa'.

Since then Vanessa has become a regular fixture on British television screens, presenting many different shows, including, "Whoops - It's Terrorism, Alright", and the documentary series, "The Man Who Ate His Own Foot". Vanessa currently lives in a geodesic dome in the Lake District with her many children and a small cotery of man friends.