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Just like that it was.

“He was the first to believe in me when i said my hidden-camera show was not a scam.”

~ Sérgio Mallandro on Etê de Varginha

“Yeah, but later my friends Odette Roittman, Belo, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and JK followed.”

~ Etê de Varginha on Sérgio Mallandro

“Salci Fufu!”

~ Sérgio Mallandro on Etê de Varginha

Varginha is a city in the sunny seaside state of Minas Gerais. It was created around 1999 when an alien was allegedly spotted in the city. Yes, that actually means that, although the city already existed before the alien spotting, it didn't exist before the alien spotting. All of its inhabitants arrived after the spotting, bringing with them houses, rivers, bread, and a military base. No one knows who spotted the alien, since the city never existed before and there were no inhabitants there. The city was named in 1998 (thus, one year before its creation) after the surname of the Alien (Etê de Varginha).

The Alien[edit]

In an interview to good friend and national pop-star Sérgio Mallandro, the Alien revealed that he was actually looking for a place to eat a light meal after a long night of "fun", and he ended up in Earth, more specifically, Varginha.

The obvious mental confusion of the Alien (revealed by the fact that he was looking for a light meal in Minas Gerais), his inexplicable hunger, and the descriptions of his physical appearance (Green-skinned with yellow eyes) led some scientists to believe that he's a refuge from the cast of Avatar. This was disproved when he displayed a astounding lack of aiming skills while aiming snot rockets at Barack Obama.