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The Vatican't is a small religious autocracy, possibly a theocracy, that is surrounded by another city. I mean, surely if a nation is to exist in its own right, it should not be completely surrounded by another city??!! But then, what would I know?

You can't mess with the Pope

As the name implies, there is a lot you can't do in Vatican't. There is a brief incomplete list of prohibitive actions somewhere close; possibly below this text.

You Can't[edit]

Even the Pope can't shit in the woods


  • currency is the dollaren't
  • has the lowest rate of sex during marriage in the world
  • has more rules per square metre than was previously thought possible

How to break the rules[edit]

You would think that you can't. But you can. After all, there is no meta-rule saying that the rules must be obeyed, therefore the rules can be broken only if you have a degree in Smartarseology.

Notable Features[edit]

These clergy are singing a can'ticle
  • Chastity belt factories - feel the fun! ( Note: fun and feeling are forbidden, hence the chastity belts )
  • University of Vatican't - can't get in. Even if you could (but you can't) you can't pass any of the courses. Offering degrees in crimethink analysis, sociology, true biology (free from the evil taint of evolutionary teachings), and smartarseology
  • Ye Olde Museume - full of boring paintings and sculptures of chastity belts. The best artwork is in the basement. You can't go in the basement
  • Brothels - there's one on every corner, and, amazingly, you ARE allowed to enter! But you can't get it up. (probably because you are already wearing before mentioned chastity belt which you can't put off)

Pre-Schools and Boy Scout Homes

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