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Veggie Tales Plot[edit]

Episode 1 is hosted by Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. Larry first greets everybody by saying "Hello kids! Welcome to Veggie Tales! Lets read an e-mail from a creepy emo kid from the mid-west!" Then they read the e-mail from the creepy emo kid, which usually says in episode 1: "Dear Bob and Larry, I canceled his Silly songs until further notice, Your friend, Creepy Emo Kid." Larry usually says this after reading the letter: "Wow... why do all of the fucked up kids send us letters and not the normal ones? Anyways, We have a story to show you Creeepy Emo Kid. Roll film!" And then the first story plays, which usually has something to do with Pa Grape watching a Frankencelery show and he's afraid. Then there is a Silly Songs with Industrial Rock Musicians segment after the first story. Either way Larry sings every silly song. After the Silly Songs segment, there is usually another story that has to do with King Darius who signed a law and who throws Daniel into the lion's den, and then episode 1 ends with Larry saying "Well Creepy Emo Kid, I hoped you learned a lot today! Lets read a verse of Romans 12:10!" And then, Pa Grape says "Good idea!" while the computer beeps up and Mr. Lunt reads a verse, here's the verse of Romans 12:10 the way; "Love each other by brothers and sisters and others, loving are about it as ourselves. Romans 12:10" off of the computer and that's it.



Larry the Cucumber[edit]

Minnesota Cuke?

Larry is the co-host of Veggie Tales and he likes to act like a 3-year-old all of the time. He is also known for eating ice cream with Archibald the Asparagus in episode 14. He has kissed him numerous times in every single Larry Boy episode that has been created. Larry also has gotten the munchies and sea monsters on the "afraid of the" list, as shown in this silly song where his list was shown. He is also known for being a religious extremist and very homicidal. He displayed this behavior when he and Bob the Tomato made a guest appearance on the popular reality show who get attacked by sea monsters in episode 28. His secret ambition is to eat Bob the Tomato

Archibald Asparagus[edit]

Archibald has a British accent and wears a monocle on his right eye. These two factors make crazy and rabid fan-girls think that he is a "sexy" vegetable, and therefore, voting the silly song countdown by Pa Grape after he got searches Samson's Hairbrush in episode 12.


Junior Asparagus[edit]

Junior Asparagus was sued by J.R.R. Tolkien for playing the part of "Toto Baggypants" in one episode. It is said that they "stole" his bean of Lord of the Rings, and I mean "they" as in Hitler, Chuck Norris, and the cast of Veggie Tales. Junior Asparagus was also raped by Trent Reznor in the episode "The Great Duck War".

The French Peas[edit]

The main French peas are Jean Claude and Felipe. They are often seen taunting the other veggie tales characters(ie: josh and the big wall, they play the soldiers on the wall). They also had guest appearances in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, not as the taunting French soldiers on the wall but as the vegies that were thrown at Arthur, et al

Nebba K. Nezzer[edit]

This character is said to be the missing link and a reincarnation of Steve Irwin. He is a giant zucchini that likes to eat other zucchini. He also likes to murder carrots. He is voiced by Ken Page.

Laura Carrot[edit]

Laura is a carrot with no middle name since she's not that important. Playing Gideon, a tuba warrior of the battle by Bob, Archie, Larry, and the German peas after she got a volunteer at a toy drive in episode 20. The carrot was fired due to her common misuse of the word gay. Laura: Well Bob you look gay today, isn't so gay today Bob: I was planning to come out next week!

Petunia Rhubarb[edit]

She is Larry's lover in a couple of episodes including "Larry Boy Returns in Spandex!" and "Larry Boy and the Long, Hot Summer Night (SUPER DUPER UNRATED VERSION)" even though we all know that Archibald is the one that Larry is really interested in by the Queen.

Mr. Lunt[edit]

He is Nebba K.'s friend because he's important. Pirate Lunt, who steals the bean by Ear-a-Corn, after he got sleepy in episode 13.

Miss Achmetha[edit]

She is Larry's debuter, As riding on a buffalo named Zippy after she got the burning tumbleweed squishy in episode 21.

Pa Grape[edit]

He is owner by, who watches a scary Frankencelery movie and he's afraid after he got the Golden Rule in episode 1.

Jimmy and Jerry Gourds[edit]

They are important of Bob and Larry, chopping into salad in a bowl with other veggies in it after they eat Mr. Twisty's Twisted Cheese Curls in the morning in episode 23.

Buzz-Saw Louie[edit]

He was a nice buzz-saw built toy. He killed Junior in episode 5. He later appeared by "The Yodeling Veterinarian napper of the Alps" taking care of his pet puppy in episode 26.



1 I'm Afraid of the Snoopy Under my Bed (First appearance of Woodstock who watches a Baron show after he get the golden ruler)

2 Yeah for Christinity and Nazis! (a.k.a. I'm sorry for the Nazis, beans and the Faggots.)

3 The Great Battle of the Kitchen Sink (a.k.a. Kite-Eating Tree's Wonderful World of Dinkletown!)

4 Jesus is the Awesomeness!!!!

5 The Toy That Almost Killed Us! (The True Story of Snoop Dog, [Snoop Dog killed Junior in Dinkletown])

6 Muslims are evil.... ask Chuck Norris! (a.k.a. Peanuts Gang are evil.... ask Woodstock!)

7 The Beautiful People (First Silly Song Segment with Marilyn Manson)

8 Year Zero (First Silly Song Segment with Trent Reznor)

9 The Story of Lucy van Pelt and How She Killed the Easter Bunny!

10 Muhammad's Revenge!! Believe It!!! Ask Naruto!!!!!!

11 Peanuts Gang, and Snoopy Doesn't Get a Star (Appearance of the German peas who riding on Seymour's rocket car with Cavis (Peppermint Patty) and Millward (Marcie) after the German peas got an orbit)

12 An Easter Carol (Appearance of Franklin who vote the Silly Song countdown with Pa after searching The Great Pumpkin's Hairbrush)

13 The Lord of The Beans (Appearance of Pirate Pig-Pen, who steals the bean by Ear-A-Corn (played by Marcie), after he got sleepy, (UNRATED VERSION))

14 The Great Duck War (Appearance of Marcie who is eating ice cream with Franklin)

15 Marcie-Boy! & the Faggot from Outer Space!

16 Marcie Boy Returns

17 Marcie Boy Returns in Spandex!

18 Marcie Boy and the Gossip Nazi

19 Marcie Boy and the Long, Hot Summmer Night (SUPER DUPER UNRATED VERSION)

20 Gideon and the Great Tuba Battle At Gettysburg!!!!! HUZZAH!!!! (appearance of Patty, playing Gideon, a tuba warrior of the battle after she get a volunteer at a toy drive.)

21 Moe and the Big Erection (Appearance of Miss Achmetha, who rides on a buffalo named Zippy, after she got his tumbleweed squishy)

22 Vote Bush-Cheney 04'

23 PEANUTS GANG ARE DEATH(Last appearance of Charlie Brown Snoopy Linus van Pelt Lucy van Pelt Rerun van Pelt Sally Brown Schroeder Peppermint Patty Marcie Franklin Pig-Pen Frieda Patty Shermy And Violet Gray Were Attack By The Great Pumpkin in the morning)

24 The Yodeling Veterinarian napper of the Alps

25 The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

26 The End of the Paper Towels? More Cloth Towels!

27 In The Forest, Somewhere (Bob the Tomato says that I'll kill Archie)

28-2011 Same episode over and over again

2012 Peanuts Dies (All the remaining characters die from a giant meteor except for Bob who is the one who called forth the meteor!!!)

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