Very Expensive Sharp And Pointy Thing

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Very expensive sharp and pointy thing [V-erree-ek-spen-siv-sh-arp-an-d-p-oy-n-tee-th-ing]

A theorised device built of Unobtainium which would be placed on top of an unobtainium building greater than one hundred million stories high, the purpose of which would be to remove material from the surface of the moon that would otherwise damage the building.

Construction and likely composition[edit]

The very expensive sharp and pointy thing would most likely be made of a solid piece of Unobtainium which would be shaped into a very sharp and pointy thing. Due to the highly durable nature of the element, developing the high power lasers that would be needed to shape it would cost an estimated One hundred million billion billion billion trillion trillion trillion trillion quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion US Dollars. Hence the title "very expensive". Such a pointy thing would have other uses besides damaging heavenly objects, for example scraping massive graffiti permanently into the earth's crust, and sending Aaron Eckhart to the centre of the Earth.