Villa General Belgrano

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Villa General Belgrano is a small Nazi colony and chocolate town in Córdoba Province in central Argentina. Its population (per the 2001 census) is composed of about 1,800 humans and 2,300 semi-intelligent stuffed bunnies. The town is a popular tourist attraction. It hosts an annual OktoBEER!fest (in October), which gathers drunkards and drunk-curious people from all around the country.

The basis of the local economy is the production and exportation of sentient stuffed animals, which are manufactured with exquisite care by one of the oldest residents, the venerable Igor F. Menghele. They range from tiny stuffed ladybugs to huge stuffed bears, one of which, nicknamed Mista Baka, is in exhibition in a special environment in the Super Funny Monsta Zoo of Pokémonia, Japan (ポケモニア超楽しいモンター動物). The bunnies, which for some reason come out of their Frankentanks more intelligent than the other animals, are kept in town to serve as gardeners and maids, though they tend to become deranged and homicidal and must be shot before they turn six months old.

The OktoBEER!fest is the major attraction in town. Every year during the long weekend of Columbus Day, busloads of thirsty alcoholics arrive into Villa General Belgrano and frantically get their tickets to enter the Beer Park, eager for the chance to witness typical dances, buy mass-produced mugs and drink various types of beer at triple its price. The festival ends with a collective pissing around the park.

The city's main monuments and historical buildings are the church, built entirely of unbreakable fudge, and the town hall, flanked by futurist nude statues wrought from a chunk of the Graf Spee.