Vodka & Red Bull

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A depressed bull is seen here trying to get drunk.


~ James Brown on Vodka and red bull

The two main ingredients in the cocktail are Vodka and a Red Bull.

The vodka must be served cold and the bull must be served angry. If the bull is calm, it is highly recommended to piss it off before consumption.

the drink is consumed as following:

  • a. consume all the vodka until completely wasted.
  • b. release the red bull and attempt to not get hurt.

As a result of the physical activity of saving your ass from being gored by a bull, the drinker's accelerated blood flow will cause the alcohol to mix faster with the blood, resulting in a longer drunken state. The difficulty in the game lies here: the more you attempt to run away from the bull, the drunker you get, and the harder it becomes to escape the bull's wrath. On the other hand, if you don't run, you'll die anyway.

Vodka & Red Bull has been known to cause tremendous hangovers and headaches the next day most of which are a result of the beating received from the bull.

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