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Gate just outside of Vranje Central Mall
View from the Historical District

Vranje (1093-1942) is a town in Serbia, Balkans, situated in the South, stuffed with old, questionable origined people known as Vranjanci - for thei're stuffing Vranje.

Zombie Alian mother holding a new born zombie Zombie Gipsy

Nobody alive got out of there. Except Bora Stankovic, great poet of romantism. But no, he is dead, too. Officially, everyone is dead. The traffic is dead, the shops, the people. Maybe it is better said "undead", because some measurments tell that something is moving. No one could be positive about Vranje's population construction, but most demographs agree that, along with Vranjanci, there must be zombie Serbs, zombie Gipsies, zombie Albans, zombie Alians and zombie Zombies. One could argue that all people from Vranje should be called Vranjanci but the language is what distinguishes people. While zombie Serbs, Gipsies and zombie Others would say: "Uhhar rreeggg ohhhirrr!" for "Need more blood!", Vranjanci would use: "Hr rg hr'r!", a little simplified version of the language. There is no written document that shows how other people moved to Vranje. There is no evidence of any migration into this part of the country, neither. A legend sais that once upon a time an uninformed bus driver stopped to have sex with a local sexy dancer and singer he met online. While the driver was away, some curious kid found a picture of Michael Jacson in driver's wallet and told everyone else. Bus full of Serbs and Gipsies ran out to se the star. When they were at the "Motel Vranje", the bus vanished and Michael Jackson showed it's face. He was not zombie at all, he was local pedophil - Pahomije. The Others were trapped in Vranje where they stayed until these days, in a little changed form. They are now zombies, of course. Another story is about zombie Zombies. They are Zombies from nearby Leskovac, that became another zombies during paprika sellings at saturday. Zombie Alians have forbiden us to know.


The air is dead. The local river South Morava is dead. Subforum named Vranje on Krastarica.com is the deadest one in the known universe. There has been a great epidemy of some unknown bacteria that made all Vranjanci the way they are now - dead the deadest. The only cure seems to be an exposure to the living. Any living creature could be the cure for Vranje. It only needs to be in Vranje. By now, no living creatures are seen there. Not a creature since the Great Epidemy (GE) a million years ago.


Some Yumco©'s appostoles caught having an ussual secret meeting. Shot before they dropped dead.
Vranjanci's relatives from other cities are trying to find and kill their zombie cousins

There is no any religion since the people is dead. But, there was one in the time of massive bacteria attacks, when no one has even dreamt of dying. The religion was called Yumco© and was allowed only to adults. Many people abandoned their old religion and joined Yumco©. About 13000 people when town was counting about 40000 alives. The temple was situated on the south-east border of the town and included a big, nine floors tall, industry-like main building where The God was living, and several big hangarish buildings where prayers where spending 8 hours a day praying. People where happy when the religion was still young. They were praying hard whole month and the God would give them everything they want. But, later, when the bacteria reached the town, the God stopped being so good and innoscent, forceing people to pray more and more. This time with no money. I mean help. Until all prayers dropped dead. And the God.

There were several similiar religions folowing Yumco©'s example. The only differences were that prayers were praying wood, tobbacco, furniture or metal rather then fabrics, and no religion counted so much payers like Yumco© did. Major were Simpo© (known for believing in wood and home furniture), DIV© or Duvanska Industrija Vranje (prayers were smoking tobbacco for money), HIV© or Hemijska Industrija Vranje (the smallest one because of the religions nature of being poor helper) and a few insignificant ones.

Some sattelite researches claim that at least one of the religions still have survivers in their temples but serbian goverment ensures everyone that the bacteria was created by most famous chemists and biologists so no one could possibly survive. It is believed that those suspicious living-like creatures are probably zombies or aliens from the USA.

“We promise a new Hell as soon as we find place deader than Vranje”

~ God


~ A local zombie on Vranje

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