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This article is about a global economic organization. For information about a proposed terror alliance, see World Terror Organization.

The World Trade Organization is intergalactic death machine, now defunct. It was constructed by the lowest bidder, and was designed to be pointy and sharp and have rabies. The WTO was destroyed in 1999 by a well-placed proton torpedo to the heart.

These were the final words of the WTO:

History of WTO[edit]

The WTO was founded by evil Supreme Chancellor Darth Oedipus in 1067, when Sauron challenged him to a duel on the dance floor to determine, now and for all time, the Lord of the Dance. What the WTO has to do with any of this is unclear, but this is the first known historical reference to it, until the tragic deforestation of the kimono in 1618.03399.

In 1996 the World Trade Organization invaded your mom, and was responsible for the creation of Oprah Winfrey's clone army.

In 1997 the WTO declared eternal allegiance with Megatexas, declaring them "best postmodern dystopia ever! I'm spending all my vacations here!"

Sadly, it was not to be. The World Trade Organization was conquered on December 1st, 1999, in Seattle, by a small band of radical activists. It was buried at the stroke of midnight at a crossroads with a spatula driven through its chest and its head accidentally severed. The aggregate souls that were trapped inside were freed and an impromptu tribunal summarily dispatched to heaven or hell, as was appropriate. Everything has been just peachy since then.