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Washington, D.C.
Branding Anime 58
Analog channel 58 (UHF)
Affiliations ATVN/JTN
Owner Taylor Media Stations Group
Founded May 19 2005
Former affiliations Cartoon Network, JNW Kids,↑N (secondary)
Call letters meaning When

WTTD, "Anime 58" is an owned and operated TV station of Taylor Media Stations Group It is located in Washington, D.C. and serves Northern Virginia, Maryland, the Pittsburg, East Virginia area, and Washington, D.C.

The station traces its history to May 19, 2005, when Josh D. Taylor founded WXWT, a digital station. In 2007, it received the first digital television license in the nation's capital as WTTD, short for "When Ted Turner Died", the station's first chief engineer and ATVN's best friend. The station became part of the Anime Television Network. WTTD had considerable local success, unlike Cartoon Network.

In 2016, after Cartoon Network ended network operations, WTTD was one of the leading anime stations in the country, running a broad lineup of anime, sitcoms from the ↑N Network, reruns of Cartoon Network, anime movies, local news, and originally produced anime. Its main claim to fame was Spin the Bottle, an afternoon game show hosted by Fred Flintstone, and Josh Taylor Stingray.

When cable television ended in the 2020s, WTTD became a regional superstation. DBS companies distributed WTTD as far south as North Carolina, as far east as Delaware, and throughout Maryland and Virginia. Though not distributed as widely as it once was, the popularity of WTTD has kept it available on DBS on several Maryland and Virginia DBS systems.

Initially, its programming was similar to what it had run as a true anime station. Then, in the summer of 2030, the morning anime block was ended in favor of Anime 58 Morning News.

In the 2030s, Anime 58 added late night talk shows and live action. It continued to air afternoon cartoons from JNW Kids until the fall of 2041. Anime 58 continued to run top rated ↑N network sitcoms in the evenings. It recently added an evening 5 to 6 PM Newscast.

Today Anime 58 has over 40 hours a week of local news.

In Feburary 2006, in anticipation of the merger of ↑N and the WB into The CW Network, Taylor Media announced that WTTD was to drop ↑N and in its place, carry a secondary affiliation with Taylor Media's new network, Japanese Network TV. Current WB station WBJT was announced as Washington's CW affiliate.

Daytime Shows[edit]

  • Kappa Mikey
  • The New Tenchi Muyo!
  • Spin the Bottle

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