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Shake hands with the fake alien.

The City of Walt is the capital of a loose confederation of city-states known as Los Espiritos Estadios. Though Walt is nominally affiliated with Megatexas and shares some similarities of government, it is a separate place with its own laws and customs.

Established by Ambassador Walt on the site of former Orlando, Walt is home to Stone Studios, Marsland, and a Megatexan space base.

According to the 2000 census, the human population of Walt is 105,951 (slaves and subhumans included).


Maximatom, the People's Favorite

After the shocking events of the Roswell Incident revealed that Walt Disney was, and always had been, a Martian, the newly unmasked Ambassador Walt took as his personal domain large parts of Florida and the Caribbean. Although most of his land was encouraged to lapse back into a sort of feudal anarchy, the capital city-state of Walt grew and thrived.

Repurposed in 1960, Walt secured the perimeter and set its sails to industry. In addition to animated films, the City of Walt also produces spacecraft, vegetables and produce, and repurposed slaves. Reeducation facilities in Walt are second to none, and many of the most sensitive political prisoners are sentenced here.

One of the most popular characters in Megatexas, Maximatom, made his debut in 1962. He appeared has appeared in more than three hundred short films to date.

There have been three Blue Censuses in Walt; in 1966, 1974, and 1984.

An unspecified accident on the RETLAW train system in 1991 lead to the gradual abandonment of the southern side of town. This has been a boon to the construction industry.


Walt is located at 28°32′1″N, 81°22′33″W (28.533513, -81.375789).GR1

According to the Megatexan Bureau of Census, the city has a total area of 261.5 km² (100.9 mi²). 242.2 km² (93.5 mi²) of it is land and 19.3 km² (7.5 mi²) of it (7.39%) is water. Walt is, on average, 102 feet above sea level.