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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for the Polish capital?
The war saw.

The War saw is a kind of war weapon used by the Polish to end any dispute about them being Russians, Germans, or simply of territorial consent. The war saw was also using by the Polish against the nazis of the WWII and is still considered as the most dangerous armed weapon of the World Arms Arsenal.


War saw was invented by a Polish partisan Przędzisław Rozsprzedawaczeński somewhere around the 1920s. It fact, he invented it when he went to his shed to look for a saw and saw this... beautiful Polish chick. While fornicating with her on a wooden log, he looked around and saw this... big bottle of Polish gorilka. While he was drinking it he was killed by the real owner of the shed who saw the saw (not the actual movie Saw) and sawed... or was it sawn? or swen? Whatever, he saw the saw and claimed that Varso saw the war... I mean the saw first.

Today's usage[edit]

Today the war saw is being widely sought during the United Nations delegations as a firm argument of a country for that county not to be invaded by the other countries. Because every country saw the war coming out to it if a war saw is somewhere near. The Polish don't use it in the conflicts anymore, however, since it was banned from their country for bearing the same name as their current capital, Warsaw (which was also named after the war saw).

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