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The Washington National Socialists, once known as the Montreal Health-Care Users/Maple Tree Huggers, are a baseball team that tries to compete in Pro League Baseball. No matter how hard they try, in the end, they either:

a. move to a different city, or

b. end up sucking worse than they did before.

In The Beginning…[edit]

God Created The Universe (or did he???). On the 23rd day, he hooked up with a complete stranger he named Moses and gave him 11 Commandments. The 11th Commandment stated:

“Thou shalt createth a team that sucketh so badly, that they are forceth to playeth in not oneth, but twoeth countries, one suckething more than the othereth”

~ God

Moses replied "Whatever" and, thus, the Montreal Health Care Users/Maple Tree Huggers were born. Because God ordered them to suck, they lost repeatedly to the worst team ever.

Recent Centuries[edit]

Eventually, Bud Selig tied up God and took over the team. Then George W. Bush took the team hostage. Being the retard he is, he took them to America and renamed them the Washington National Socialists, often called Nationals by our obese Americans. They were sent help in the form of Alfonso Soriano, but these dumb shits tried to make him play left field. He quit, in favor to play for the 2nd worst team ever, where he currently plays designated pot-smoker.


My god, they suck so bad, no one wants to play for them. Therefore, they will not be playing for the upcoming 2351-5234 season. Unless your name is:


For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Washington Nationals.
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