Waverly, Tennessee

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Waverly has no future. It has been destroyed by the rampant use of Methamphetamines and public corruption.
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Waverly, Tennessee, located at approximately 60 miles west of Nashville Tennessee is the most technologically advanced town in the state of Tennessee. Its main income comes from the production, distribution and purchase of methamphetamines, as well as inbred prostitution. Its borders are forested, providing a prime opportunity for drug dealers to effectively camouflage their methamphetamine labs.


Waverly was founded by Adolf Hitler as the secondary home of the Third Reich. This founding was the cornerstone for the rampant anti-Semitism and racism that the town incorporates. As the World War II progressed, Waverly began to feel the pinch of the American government; however Hitler made a surprise visit to have a turkey dinner with the Nazi warlords of Waverly on Thanksgiving of 1942.

This infuriated the Americans, and they decided Waverly should be in their possession. The Americans stormed Waverly with might and at their own peril conquered the Nazis. They then took all secrets that were held within the various compounds in the town. This led to the advent of rockets, the atomic bomb and the proliferation of golden showers.

After the war, all of Waverly was burned to the ground and shit upon. The ground became very fertile and thus the second generation of Waverlyans came about. The second generation came from the ground, and proved all of the religious fanatics wrong when evolution took place right in front of their eyes.

The new breed had bulging foreheads, strange accents and other symptoms of foetal alcohol syndrome. They began to scurry about the landscape to build various buildings that would support their lives, such as liquor stores, beer joints and topless beer joints.

As the new breed bred again, things only went uphill. The advent of cocaine and heroin was a large economic boost for the area. They founded Waverly Central High School and built it out of cow shit as homage for their past ancestors. It was burnt down in a freak accident when a streak of lightening that the Waverlyans swore was sent from God to cleanse the decadence of the school.

Waverly Today[edit]

Today Waverly has absolutely nothing to offer. If you prefer to live in an dystopian environment then you should come to Waverly. There is, however a great Nazi museum that has pictures of Das Fuhrer when he visited Das Kapital.


Waverly is 99.9% semi-Aryan people. .10 are the following: A Chinese man's finger in the road, a black man's eyeball and a strand of James Byrd Jr.'s hair The population of Waverly is currently gearing up for a revolution against the minority because the Chinese finger holds more intelligence than the city collective.