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In super-dooper high end physics. the Weak Force is defined as the condition that lazy, obese atoms (such as Radium, Nobelium and Heavy Metal) suffer from. This condition, which often plagues the post-iron elements - as evidenced by the fact that it takes a lot of energy for an atom heavier than iron to lose weight, as shown by studies by various Atomic Health Authorities - has become a worrisome concern for future generations. Coupled with the lack of awareness it has been projected that this will become a major threat to subatomic particles worldwide by the year 2156.

Cause of the Weak force condition[edit]

The weak force is thought to be caused by stress and lack of exercise. Essentially, according to Einstein and demonstrated by numerous experiments, a lazy atom is a fat atom, and living like a sloth leads to muscle deterioration. The atoms lose their buff and waste away, eventually becoming emo, buy a bunch of MCR merchandise and finally disappear without a trace. The occurrence of incidents suspiciously similar to this process described that may be Weak force related has been on the rise during recent times - as has been the popularity of the emo movement.

Effects of the Weak force condition[edit]

Atoms effected by weak force become radioactive.

Preventing the Weak force[edit]

The demise of you and your fellow atoms can be postponed for around 8 billion years by following very simple, logical, intuitive steps. Go ride a bike. Take part in a chemical reaction or two. Join a local Nuclear Fusion club and have some fun. By taking part in activities that promote physical activity, an atom can live a long, eternal life, happy and razor-free.