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“If you are reading this, a Weebie has eaten me and you are next!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Weebie

“In Soviet Russia, YOU attack Weebie!”

~ Russian Reversal on Weebie

“I love teddy bears now!”

~ Satan on Weebie

“It's a vicious killer teddy bear”

~ Captain Obvious on Weebie

A Weebie (Killeromicius bearnousi) are bears, But they are more closley realated to the Grue. She spends a good part of her time by attacking cameras, eating honey, sleeping, attacking cameras and other stuff bears like to do. Weebies are rated as the second most dangerous mammal (Only Grues are more dangerous) in the uneverse. Weebies are known to kill a lone wolf and eat an enitre Shark alive. Weebies are always watching you and when the ime is right, they eat you!

This isn' a Weebie.
This is however, OH GOD! RUN!!!

Weebie Facts[edit]

  • Weebies are polar Bears.
  • Weebies walk on two legs
  • A weebie can beat on something for 2 weeks without getting tired.
  • Grues don't eat weebies.
  • A typical Weebie has a average lifespan from five minutes to 120 years
  • A Weebie's official languages are English, Weebish, Gibberish and Swearing.
  • Weebies are known to attack man.
  • Weebies are Grues
  • A weebie is on the way to get you.


Taking care of a Weebie is very simple, all you need is a warm bed, some water and Weebie food, (live pigs work just as well) and something that your Weebie can attack when he or she is bored. However, if your Weebie is too bored, he or she might either eat you or run away to find a good mommy or daddy that will be fun enough to entertain his or herself.


Weebies are very rare and are most likley extinct. But some can be found at WalMart. But most Weebies are usually found in groups in alleys, playing poker and driking beer. Weebies like dim lit living rooms, and are only active at night. Weebies sometimes share homes with Grues, the Grues don't mind weebies for they are equally vicious and have the same behaviour as Grues.

The fat weebie, the rarest Weebie of them all.


Weebies, unlike bears, lay eggs rather than give birth. Weebie eggs are shaped like a chicken's egg and are usually rainbow coloured. You can tell wether the egg's going to be a boy or girl by the colour. Girl weebies have pinkish eggs while Boy weebies have green eggs. by the time the young weebie is ready to hatch, the egg is transparent. Baby Weebies are born blind and deaf and lack arms. But they quickly grow ears, ears and arms and are able to hunt with their mothers.

A baby weebie with his mother.