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Weebl and Bob are two demi-gods that put themselves into egg form and distorted their voices while watching midgets die in a helium disaster. They where banished to live in the purple demension, because they were deemed a threat to society (especially the tiny ones)

The two of them. They just love pie...

About them[edit]

Weebl's best friend is Bob. They had a child called Salad Fingers who now lives beside Noel Edmonds house. He can be heard talking to Noel at the end of some episode of Deal Or No Deal, which exists only in Britain.

Okay, the show exists in America as well, but it's not the same show. They actually have cents and dollars, which are better than pounds, as pounds make you look fat(*even though they are by far stronger than the dollar and cent*(*to*=amendment to some americans' dumb article)). But you're fat already and we don't care.

Weebl and Bob are notorious for being adamant nudists and first met in 1979 on the set of the critically acclaimed porn film "Deep Pie". Weebl and Bob decided to retire from their erotic escapades four years later to embark upon slightly less saucy exploits of pi endorsement. In the year of the egg, Weebl and Bob launched themselves out of obscure mathematical promotion making a debut appearance on the resplendant, highly commendable MTV and have since been lauded by cult pastry magazines such as "Cock-a-Strudle-Doo!" and "Battenburg Matters".

Weebl then took the liberty of inventing sheep as he noticed a distinct lack of meats to put his gravys on. He would have edited this article himself, but is too computer-illiterate to know how to, so he used a piece of recycled paper instead.

Weebl and Bob's son, Salad Fingers.

Pie is goood![edit]


Weebl loves pie. His mother was called Pi, and his father was Wee Bull (jeez get it right). He always askes Bob to bring him back some pie because he is such a lazy prick that he can't do anything except eat pie, sing and wear hats.

However Bob despises Pie. He says it is yucky and "tastes of the poo". He also hates it because it has no exact value to him.

Early life[edit]

Weebl and Bob weren't always the messed up eggs you watch with joyful glee. Weebl used to be an Opera Singer. He was also a famous Rabbit hunter, he would sometimes do the occasional kitten huffing but would always remain on top of things. Not much is known about Bob's early life, except that he was married to a hot millionaire supermodel scientist, unfortunately he was forced to give her up when Weebl told him to whilst under the influence of cheeses.

Salad Fingers and Magical Trevor[edit]

It was recently stated that Salad Fingers was going out with Bob's childhood friend Magical Trevor.

Everyone loves Magical Trevor! Unfortunately, this inevitably led to multiple charges of bigomy.

At a press conference earlier this week, it has been said that they are married and have a child called Insanity Prawn Boy.

Magical Trevor (Laidlaw) is really a brewlord from Berwick whose biggest fear is running out of brew. He also answers to "Trev", "the guy who killed Max" or the Dutch variation, Trevgaard. He used to be a magician, but alcoholism forced him to resign when he 'accidentally' killed a dog named Max owned by his son Brewis, who looks like a demented rat kid (rattimus maximus). Most of his other tricks, such as the disappearing cow, were faked. (Like his wife's orgasms, and also the 'fire' which annihalated the famliy pet.)

Max is crispy, and walks the paths of the underworld hungry.

Trev is also thought to have had dealings with the mystical toadlad, who in his own words is sawleed. His spawn was mixed with trev's brew found on max's corpse and resulted in the formation of the elixir of sawleednes found deep in the chamber or corey. It is phropisied that one day 'the king of kings' will rise up and deafeat the toad and realese suze from trev's iron grip.

Bow down to the, bow down to the king Bow down to the, bow down to king

Muir we know you have her hidden away.

Trev is also known to have an alias ' james oldam' which he uses to abuse his son with and make fun of his dead dog.(Who he regualry uses to release his sexual frustration on.)

Relationship with John Muir[edit]

Although Salad Fingers is married to Magical Trevor, he had a relationship with Muirstein. The had one child, named Solid Toad, who is now the owner of an unsucsessful business.

But Yohan left Salad Fingers for someone he met in portugal.

Said person in Portugal is now 'missing' and presumed (definitely) dead.

Many appeals have been made to muir to return her including this song...

Muir, Muir,Muir

How do you like it Where do you like it

Muir, Muir, Muir

Where have you hid her Where have you did her

Muir, Muir, Muir

Returned from potugal With a small girl

Tom Nook[edit]

It's Nook!
Main article: Animal Crossing: Wild World#Tom Nook

Tom Nook is the illegitimate child of Salad Fingers and Noel Edmonds. He is a Tanuki, and a conman, who runs Nook and Co. He likes ripping people off, so they can't get a bigger house. He is now married to some little girl called Annie who moved into a town he was at.


Weebl's best friend is Catface - the one with a big cat's face. Bob despises him because he has no ash flavoured with beef. Catface does not like it if you make a mockery of cats. Silly Catface!!!!