West Buggerall-upon-Tyne

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This charming village of 4000 souls is similar to West Bug-upon-Tyne, however, in Buggerall-upon-Tyne people do bugger-all while in West Bug-upon-Tyne people bug bugs. This is just silly. The people speak Betelguesian, despite claims that they are really English. As we all know the English are really aliens, right?

The people are a short, purple skinned beings, with scrawny bodies, long noses and ears, and various balls of curly pink fur at points along their bodies. Some others may call them poodles. To look at one would make you laugh and scorn the french, who invented poodles, cheese, and feather boots.

West Buggerall-upon-Tyne declared itself a separate country in 3535 BCE. It is located in the North-Eastern region of New Zealand. Here in the happy countryside you will find many exotic things, ranging from the Eiffel Tower to porn-and-prawn shops. It is also home of glass slippers, and yellow mickey mouse ear hats.

Other things that originated in West Buggerall-upon-Tyne are: